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Thread: Going to maine.. Can i re-use?

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    Default Going to maine.. Can i re-use?

    I am getting my bambino's today. I am also going to maine today. I get the bambino's around 2:00, and i will be leaving for maine around 4:00. I would like to know if it is possible foe me to wet my bambino and re-wear it MON when i get back. I will probably only wet it one time. Cause I NEED To feel a bambino.

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    Think about that for a second... You want to wear a wet diaper... after 2 daya... do you realize how disgusting that is...

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    No. Besides the eww factor, after two days, the compounds in your urine would have begun doing goofy stuff and become very stinky and caustic.

    Either don't wear before you leave or wear and throw the thing out if you use it.

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    Urine fills with bacteria and after a day or so creates that horrible old wee smell you can smell in back alleys because the bacteria produce ammonia.

    Please for the love of yourself and those around you: DON'T DO IT

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    Okie, so could I just wear it and then not pee in it? Will the tabs still be sticky Monday?

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    Okie, so could I just wear it and then not pee in it? Will the tabs still be sticky Monday?
    Yeah just be sure to slide it off. Dont undo the diaper. Otherwise the tapes will suck. If not then you can simply use some tape to re tape it no biggie.
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    I wouldn't do that. I've tried it before. When I was living with parents I had to hide my used diapers before I could dispose of them. There was one with only a little bit of urine.

    And I thought that I could put it on and reuse it for a bit. About 2 to 3 minutes in, I started feeling a burning sensation.

    That burning sensation was from the ammonia in the urine. So take my advice don't do it. It don't feel very good. It's about like touching your Junk, after touching Jalapeno peppers. Don't do that either. lol

    That actually happened to me a few minutes ago. I had put some Jalapenos in some spaghetti and a few minutes after had to go pee, I touched my Junk and it burned like hell. XD

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    IT'S SOO SOFT!!!!!!! WOOOO sad I really gotta pee now . I'll Try to go out the side... lol

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    EWW Why would you wear a used diaper 2 days after you wet it. Thats kinda Eww ish. And i dont think thats good for the skin around your junk.

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