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    Default buying the right gift help.

    Next Friday is my girlfriend and I's 2 year anniversary and I don't know what to get her. I got a feeling she is getting me a video game and/or Ska band cd(s). I wanna get her something nice. Last year I got her this cute charcoal skit, but I wanna get something really neat this year. something she will love. I was thinking of getting her New moon on dvd since she LOVES it ( as much as I HATE it) or maybe new headphones? She is a fangirl of Death Note and FFVII so I was also thinking of getting her an plush of L and Cloud. >< I hope whatever I get her she likes it. Can you guys help me out?

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    It's hard to help substantially on this without knowing her but I can tell you something of my gift-giving theory, although it probably won't make anything easier. The ideal is something that is personal and enduring; something that the person didn't even know they wanted but is relevant to their interests and flows naturally as an expression of your relationship. This is hard and you have to be lucky to settle on just the right thing, so one generally winds up making compromises from this ideal. You're on the right track in that you are aware of things she likes and you're looking for things in that vein. Stay away from the practical in cases like this as well as things that ultimately benefit you (ultimate combination there for the married couple, giving an iron or waffle iron, etc.). Personally, I would look more to things that are more meaningful than what you have mentioned aside perhaps from the headphones. Look for something that exists as a reminder of you rather than just going in a pile and being another thing. A book, if she reads, that is significant with something from you written is generally better than a DVD, for instance. I know this is a bit jumbled but I'm pressed for time. I hope it was some help. Good luck!

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    Thank you. I forgot to say that she does enjoy the simple things in life and even hates when I pay for stuff like movie tickets or food, but she in return gets me a case of vanilla coke (my favorite drink) every few weeks, so I'm not going panic about it and to give a lot of detail on anybody a person has never met would take a lot of time =p I know she would never be mad with me if I ended up not buying her anything, but I could never do that.

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