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    Hey yall. Im babyoni as you can see. Hmmm. i guess this part is about me eh? i love wearing diapers, try to wear them as much as i can. my favs right now are kendall 3d plus cuz theyre one tape and super crinkly. id wear them to work but theyre too loud and all of my employees would know that im into diapers cuz i didnt wear them before. i'd love to find a diapergirl but thats kinda hard to do since this isnt a hugely popular fetish. and most girls that i tell about the fetish, theyre kinda grossed out about it or are willing to try it once but thats it. theyre never completely open minded about it. i hate that. but what can ya do?

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    Welcome to ADISC hope you are going to like it her.

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    Welcome to ADISC. Can you tell us more about yourself outside your AB/DL life?

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