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    Im 21 female i attend university and study psychology.My boyfriend of 2 yrs appears to have a desire to be mothered by me and im wondering if its a diaper fetish or what. the thing that strikes me most is that i enjoy it untill the disgust comes in when i think of him desiring his own mother which i sometimes speculate when he calls me mommy. Im also dealing with alot of guilt about being turned on by being the mother because im afraid this might make me a pedofile. I get turned on when i thnk of HIM acting like a baby not by actualy babies but him breastfeeding from me really turns me on. Otherwise im a average gal. oh and also he says things like mommy feed me or mommy change me he is obsessed with mommy and he always says im gonna be a good mom etc....i secretly get turned on by this so does he and today was the first time he called me mommy then fingered me but seriosuly im afraid he thinks of his real mom help!! HI everone and hope u welcome me here

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