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Thread: Diaper tapes: Front or back?

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    Question Diaper tapes: Front or back?

    Iunno, I know some people who talk about putting on a diaper with the tapes on the back bringing them to the front, and others with the tapes on the front and taping them on the back.

    (Choices are where the tapes are already at, not the side you tape them TO.)

    For those who wear, which way do you wear?
    (Personally, I wear tapes on back and bring to front. Iunno, this just popped into my head a little while ago.)

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    Mhh... Wearing a diaper backwards and using it up to its average capacity can ONLY end well! LOL I personally wear diapers as I should do it, tapes on back and bring to front.

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    They're supposed to go back to front. It doesn't make much sense to put a diaper on backward. Although when I finally ordered Attends and was ready to wear a diaper for the first time in 20 years back in 2008, I forgot which way it went and put it on backward at first.

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    Can't say that I've tried front-to-back taping, but I don't think it would end well.

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    What diapers are there that tape from front to back? That doesn't even sound like it would work.

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    most diapers I know of you tape from the back to the front.
    doing so other wise may leak easier and be uncomfortable.
    most diapers are ment to be put on a certin way to work properly.

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    NOOOOOOOO ROXAS........ GRRRR I said I wanted to do this.... *pounces roxas

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    Wait I got confused. I put my diaper on the right way so that I can see the tapes on the front of the diaper. I think I voted the wrong way. The tapes are actually on the back side of the diaper. I remember when I first started wearing pampers when I was 14 I tried wearing it the other way round and found it was able to take more of my wetting because it was too small. Otherwise I don't know when you'd want to do it.

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    I sometimes put mine on front to back when I very drunk and my bf is too drunk to pad me *blushes* never ends well as if I not properly padded to bed, normally results in wet sheets *hides face in paws*

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