Hi all.

I'm new here, but not new to the basic idea. Does anyone remember the old Compuserve forums? I suppose that gives my age away.

I'll only be dropping in occasionally. Partly binge/purge, but mostly because circumstances are such that it's only occasionally that I can go online to this sort of site, and do related things. What I really binge/purge about, actually, is not so much the basic activity we're all interested in, as discussing it. I binge with hope--a community of people like me!!!! And then I purge with disappointment--sometimes it's just too prosaic (people chatting about the weather or something) and sometimes it's just too raw. And then I'm basically a straight guy (though there have been incidents...) and in the end I feel that there are certain things one guy just does not discuss with another guy.

So the instructions say to tell about my interests in TB/AB/DL/Fur stuff, my interests outside of the infantilism world, and anything else I want people to know. Um, well, what on earth is "fur stuff"? Never heard of that. Guess I can find out later.

Telling about my outside interests is the most difficult bit, actually. If I say too much on that, a Google search would find the real me pretty quickly, which isn't really what I want. I put "culture, history" on my profile, and in very broad terms those two are indeed my outside interests. And writing, though sometimes that's agony rather than an interest and I wonder why I ever started it. But usually it works itself out in the end. Oh yes, and I like cats.

And I also have an interest in diapers. Not AB. Not fur stuff, so far as I know, but I haven't actually checked that out yet, so I may be wrong. I'm still interested in basic questions like why I am "interested" in diapers, how many other people are, and how many are "interested" in the same way that I am. And then there's something that goes beyond mere interest. I like to pee in them. Well, I've said it. To which I might add that I like the idea of other people peeing in them, and that actually I like the general idea of anyone peeing in irregular places: pants and beds, basically. And sometimes do it myself. Since I was a TB.

Anything else I want people to know? What else do people here want to know?