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Thread: Anybody else get diaper rash?

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    Default Anybody else get diaper rash?

    I use Depend Max Protection diapers. Sometimes my whole butt will get really itchy and sometimes ill get a big pimple on my butt or a 2 or 3. Is this from diaper rash? What can i do to make it stop?

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    Try desitin or some cream around the red areas, should help pretty well. And try to change more, and stay out of humid areas!

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    i get diaper rashes too sometimes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pikachu View Post
    Go some time whiteout the diaper on.
    That works too! Just be careful.

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    I get diaper rash off and on when I do not change my diaper soon enough as well as in hot weather. To prevent diaper rash I use Desitin Maximum with every diaper change as well as using baby powder.

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    I only ever got it when I was in pull-ups when I was potty training. <_>

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    Last Summer here (Dec 09 to Jan 10) I got nappy rash real bad for the first time in ages because it was so hot! Spoiled my holidays from adult life.

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    Desitine works great. Your skin will naturally adjust if you wear more frequently. I often go through an adjustment period if I don't wear for a while. Also, if you find you're getting it even if you're not wetting it heavily, then use a bit more powder - especially on the bottom. You're likely sweating a lot and the powder will help. Also, there's some MOnkey Butt powder out there.. I hear it's awesome.

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