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Thread: Me, not caring if you read this.

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    Default Me, not caring if you read this.

    Why did you open this, I didn't prepare anything, cause I didn't think anyone would open this.
    Well, I'll try anyway.
    I'm Shacklebill, just call me Shack, but not bill, that's not my name.
    I have friends, they are cool, I'm gonna be in the military soon, and that's it.
    I told you I wasn't ready.

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    Cool story, bro.

    J/k, are you going to tell us anymore about yourself?

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    Nice to meet ya mang, what do ya do when not posting to boards? ;D

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    You know I read this just because you said that you wouldn't care. Interests!!!
    Video Games?

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    Music is awesome, all kinds.
    RPG's are great.
    Favorite movie is the Karate Kid (the good one).
    I watch TV at least once a day.
    I don't play sports, so I watch it.

    There, you know everything about me.

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    Shacklebill, May I suggest that you read the stickies at the top of the
    introductions/greetings thread and take another attempt at making an

    You have shared almost nothing about yourself. I do have
    a general idea that you may be male between 18-26 years old (due to
    your statement that you are going into the military soon. IF you're
    purpose is to try to conceal who you are, this intro will suffice.

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