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Thread: Went and bought some goodnites last night...

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    Default Went and bought some goodnites last night...

    My girlfriend and I went out last night to buy me diapers for the first time together, that's a whole separate story entirely. To speed things up, I'd say about 8-10 months ago I ordered a big box of small bambinos, and they have lasted me until probably about a week from now. So last night we ended up getting goodnites, the boy ones, although I typically get the girl version of that kind of stuff because it is so much cuter. Okay getting to the point...sort of, I decided to go already diapered in one of my last bambinos. I slept over at her house and in the night/morning was quite wet. Excited to try out my goodnites, because it has been years since I've worn them, I got up and changed myself. Basically the first thing that came to my mind was "WHAT IS THIS A FUCKING THONG DIAPER?!" Bambinos have spoiled me so much. I plan to use these to wear out as they are totally unnoticeable, even in tight fitting clothing. As far as quality and all that, I just can't go back to store bought diapers after these wonderful *bdl specific diapers.

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    I think bambinos are better than goodnights cause they absorb more..

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    Congrats for having a girlfriend who is accepting! Yes we all get spoiled with high performance diapers, but there is always a place for the others IMHO.

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    I wore good nights till I started trying out different brands of adult diapers. The bambinos are mt fav. so far.

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    Oddly enough I prefer Goodnites over anything else. Its different and I went from tena to goodnites...quite odd.

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