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Thread: Huggies nappies sizes?

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    Default Huggies nappies sizes?

    Theres's probably another post identical to this, but I couldnt find it. :/ Right. I live in australia and I dont want pull ups. I want actual, real, tapes at the sides, kind of nappies/diapers. And the only option in stores here, it seems, are pull ups.. which I don't want, or baby diapers. and I've no idea if i'd fit into them.
    So does anyone know the waist sizes for Huggies? (or any other similar Australian brands?)

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    i have got a pack of huggies size six i think, i will try find out

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    I should probably mention, our Huggies arent sized from 1 to 7 or whatever.. theres newborn, then something else.. then toddler, then walker, then junior. :/ Soooo.. yeah, I still dont know. But thanks.

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    Huggies sizes run small in Australia. Unless you are incredibly petite, junior size are not going to fit. Same goes really for most other brands as well. I'd suggest going with an online supplier of real adult nappies (independence australia is good). Alternatively you could buy from ebay australia. If you cannot buy online at all you should go to your local pharmacy and ask for Tena Slip. They are really good quality and most pharmacies will be able to get them for you if not stocked. Hope this helps !

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