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Thread: How do you dress?

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    Cool How do you dress?

    How do you dress when at school or at home. If in diapers 24/7 how do you hide that you have one on at school? When at home do you even put pants on? When a friends do you dress the same way you would at home or at school?( You might have a dress-code at your school) I like polo shirts and loose fitting pants almost all the time. I just like how it looks on me. When at home I like PJ pants and dark blue tee shirts. I like blue a lot and even had my wheelchair sprayed blue =]

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    When I leave my house:
    T-Shirt, jeans, black socks, silk boxers.

    When I'm inside my house:
    T-shirt, track pants, black socks, silk boxers.

    Exceptions: I wear a sweater in the winter.

    I can usually count on my fingers the times I vary from this formula per year.

    EDIT: I also have an earring that people get kicks out of poking fun at. (I recently found it after having lost it for 2 weeks)

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    I wear a graphic T-shirt, skinny-ish blue jeans, a necklace, and a wristband or two. I don't dress -all- that extravagantly. I used to wear a collar around, but I don't do that too often anymore. I'll probably start again in the near future.

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    Before recently, I wore feminine dresses in light colored tones (yellow, pink, light blue, bright light green, etc.) all the time, sometimes pink shirts with plaid skirts and stuff.

    Nowadays, I only wear that at home and instead choose to wear shorts and shirts in the same colors as I mentioned before, because I've gained weight and don't feel as cute or as if I can pass the way I could before.

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    Crack hoodie
    Crack pants
    Crack shoes
    Crack gat
    Crack chains
    Fly hat.

    o3o I still have yet to find out why people shoot at me.

    No but really.

    Work pants(Holy torn up pants)
    Work shirt.


    Dress overshirt
    Graphic T undershirt
    Nice jeans
    Nice shoes.
    Chain wallet

    Workout- Sleeveless-t and Running shorts.

    If I'm diapered :<

    ha that's rare. :<

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    I have little to no dress sense, so I usually wear any pair of jeans with the first t-shirt that I pull out of my wardrobe.

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    I generally wear cargo shorts, with a T, polo, or short sleeve button up. Rarely I will slip on a pair of cargo pants or jeans, usually only because I have to, or it's just too damn cold (living in the south, it doesn't happen much)

    Around the house, pretty much the same, 'tho I will shed the shorts and rock the boxers if no one is coming over.

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    In the past year or so I've reverted back to briefs from boxers, and really have no preference anymore. When going to work I have a uniform :\. When going out I usually wear pants or shorts, my pants are typically on the tight fitting side. At home I am usually in my old gym shorts like right now. As for tops its usually a plain tshirt with nothing on it, or in the colder months I bundle up with warm sweatshirts and coats. This year since I'm moving to freezingville I bought a military issue cold weather jacket from an army surplus store ($20!) which looks BA. Oh also I usually wear a hat wherever I go now because I have to wear a hat at work and I get the worst hat hair.

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    When I go to school (college) I almost always dress in a pair of slacks and a button up shirt with a collar or polo shirt. When I'm at home it's usually jeans or sweat pants and a t-shirt. When I go out on the weekends I wear jeans, "wife beater" tank top, and a printed button up shirt made of polyester.

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