I was deciding where to put this thread, and decided it was more relevant to this subforum because the following experience affirms more with my ab side in that it is so emotionally based, which I don't really see dl being considered, if I'm wrong about that please correct me.

I have been into diapers for so long, and I don't know if anyone else has had the experience of heightening the situation to continue to be satisfied sexually and also emotionally/mentally. For me at least this happens when diapers became readily available. And they essentially have been for years now.

It's been a long ride through all of this, and as of quite recently I've sort-of found a rekindled love, and I emphasize love, for diapers. All it took was simply fastening it on in a more relaxed way, which I suppose was much more similar to the way I was diapered when I was 'lil. Instantly I was so aware of this intensely emotional love for it, I was brought back to that pure feeling of ecstasy and affection/appreciation which I haven't had since perhaps my first diapered experience since being out of them (Circa 2001?).

Anyways I was interested to know if my experience is not so unique, so what, if anything, brings back that almost "primordial pleasure" for you?