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    Hey im just re introducing myself, I made an account on here but I got busy and didnt have time.

    Hi guys my name is Jake or jackie if im in baby girl mode (i think i prefer to be called Jackie for the most part but u decide) and I dont really want to get into my fantasies but I've been an infantilist/AB as far back as I can remember, and I am a boy but not when I'm a baby. Jackie I guess you could say is my alter ego.

    But my normal life, my life as Jake, I like music,art,cartoons(a part of Jackie I can't hide lol) philosophy,and discussing politics. I have 3 pugs which I love more than most people. I am going to college to study motion capture technology. I am an anarchist. No I'm not a bomb thrower or anything like that! And yes I will follow the rules because I am consenting to it. It simply means I think that we don't need rulers or officials to tell us what to do in life and blah blah blah this really isn't the forum to debate about this I just wanted to make myself clear. Uhhh..... thats I'll I can think of right now if you have anymore questions feel free to ask.

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    Hi Jack. I was an anarchist when I was in college. I guess that's the appropriate age for that. Then you get older, make money and own a house. Suddenly you want all that protected. Sadly, all the politicians you elect turn out to be idiots and you realize you're pretty much on your own, just like there was no government, and you had your wish granted after all. So welcome to the site and the world as we find it!

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