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Thread: A special blanket?

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    Default A special blanket?

    Anybody have a special blanket that they just love?

    I have many blankets, I guess you could say I am a collector of blankets. It is hot here right now, so I just have a blue king size cotton blanket. When it is cooler out I have upwards of 10 different blankets. Many are bright colors, but about half of them have stars; I love stars. So I do not think I could pick just one.

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    One thing I'm somewhat embarrassed about is the fact that I have a baby blanket that I have had since I was born and have slept with it every night. It was given to me by my grandmother who has since passed away which only makes that much more special. After 18 years it's pretty faded but is still holding up. I guess this is one place I'm not so embarrassed to tell someone lol but it has always been a little secret of mine.

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    I still have my baby blanket my grandmother made me when I was born. I've retired it from use but I take it out all the time and play with it.

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    I still sleep with my blankie too. It's faded, but God, I love it.


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    My baby blanket is in a treasure chest. I never use it but it's my most comforting item in the world.. I guess I'm saving it for the worst of situations.

    It's my little treasure, I love blankets so much and this one is so lovely. It's light blue and so soft.

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    I have a blanket. I love my blanket. I can't sleep without it.

    My first blanket fell apart when I was around eleven. It was white and by the end it was more like string than something nice to cuddle. In the end, I threw it out, but then I missed it a lot. In the end, I saved up my pocket money and bought a new one.

    My second blanket stayed with my for around nine years. I was big and white and had silky edges at two sides. It helped me thought a lot of bad times. When I was around 19 it was falling apart. Then I met my girlfriend, and shortly after we met she knitted me my new blanket. It is very soft and it has silky edges on every side and I looove it a LOT.

    One day I may get a new one as back up. Or knit myself a new one. But for the moment I have an awesome one.

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    i have a printed cloth diaper that i cover my shoulders and arms with, then i have a big beach towel that i use too

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    I have a blanket that, when I was little, I actually named special. It's falling apart now, and it doesnt do much else than sit in my room because I dont want anything to happen to it.

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    Ive still got the blanket that my grandmother made me when i was born. still sleep with it on the bed and its still holding up after 22 years though its a little faded at this point so it might go in the wooden chest or something to protect it.

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    I still have my baby blanket that my great grandmother made for me when I was born. I slept with it for 15 years of my like and only retired it this past year because it started to unravel. Sadly due to my bedwetting till age 10 it took quite some damage but still is really important to me and if my parents wouldn't ask questions I would cont. to sleep with my baby blankie.

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