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    To all ADISC members

    I'm writing to you from ITV, an English television station. We are looking to include a positive example of an adult baby who is getting married in a new show of an existing series. It can be a legal or non legal ceremony, a blessing or even something totally untraditional and it doesn't matter where in the world you may be located. We have a diverse cross section of cultures and personalities already involved this time round and we think it would be great to have an adult baby in the mix.

    We are looking not to focus too much on your lifestyles, have it as a small back story and mainly focus on the happiness of you and your partners. It's a nice, fun and easy going show that you will have great fun being involved in. Each couple who takes part also has the chance to win a 10,000 honeymoon.

    [removed information]

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    Look, here's how proper journalism goes:

    (1) You look around the forum to avoid any legal trouble. This forum is open to minors, and having minors on your show is guaranteed to get you into huge legal trouble!
    (2) You ask the staff first, before you post your ad without their permission.
    (3) You respect the rules of this forum and do not post your contact information on here!

    Besides, we've had this request before, and no one seemed to be interested.

    To prevent you posting without staff permission again, I have put you on moderated status.

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