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    Default Hi there

    Im Gareth :-) I didn't know about this site til I just came across it, but it's totally me! I've literally bought my first pack of drynites today, and they feel so good. Hopefully everyone can help me adjust

    And I completely forgot to say, haha. I just turned 17, from Newcastle, UK :-)
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    Welcome! I'm sure everyone would love to help you adjust to anything you wanna learn.

    But you should tell us about your other hobbies too, so friendship can blossom from the flower of hugs or something.

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    Good call!
    I love music, I'm obsessed with going to gigs/concerts, I love art, currently studying it at college, and I really like to cook! Haha, I love cartoons, could sit watching TV forever, and yeah...haha, hope that kinda helps xD

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    That works really well! Art, cooking, and cartoons? You sound like a pretty artistic person! I'm sure someone really wroth meeting. What kinda cartoons do you like, just because I'm curious.

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    Haha, loads! Theres obvious anime's like Pokemon, Yu-Gi-Oh!, DBZ, etc. then stuff like American Dad!, Family Guy, the Simpsons, then really daft ones like Recess, Ed, Edd, And Eddy, Teen Titans, ...wide variety!

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