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Thread: Hello all :)

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    Default Hello all :)

    Well to start off i am 24 yrs old , i'm from Ontario Canada and im IC
    i am a bit of a gear head with anything involving wheels and a motor

    so far in my adult hood its been tricky contending with IC while at work , only a couple of co-workers and my boss know about it and are very understanding thankfully

    so i figured i'd pop in an say hello


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    Hello Niko, and welcome to ADISC
    Just wondering what is you favorite car or truck ? Mine is the FordF250 (05 edition)

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    well i dont have a favorite car/truck really , i have 3 vehicles 1984 Diesel Chevette ( restored ) , 1993 GMC Syclone ( restored ), Escort Cosworth ( in restro process )that i picked up last summer from a import dealer in Montreal
    i kinda like the rare stuff ^_^

    Pick them up as cheap as i can , an make em look as good as they did on the show room floor or better

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    Welcome to the site, I hope your experience here is wonderful.

    Gears are really interesting, the way they.. are so functional. The way they can move even the strongest of objects. I'm a girly girl type but even I can appreciate it.

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    I regret to say that, for a guy, I know very little about cars. I should probably fix that soon.

    Well anyway, Welcome to ADISC, it's very nice to meet you Nico. (incidentally, that name reminds me of my oldest sister's baby name for me: Miko)

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