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Thread: So long, farewell, auf wiedersehen!

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    Default So long, farewell, auf wiedersehen!

    Yep, I'm outta here! Peace!

    haha, fooled you.

    ... a little? hehe

    Not for long. Sunday I will be leaving for Virginia to board upon a US Navy Aircraft Carrier! I'll be leaving (for my school; Naval JROTC) on a coach bus at 8AM from my high school, for a blistering 8 hour drive to the naval base way down south, there. (nope, keeeep going )

    anyways, as we depart at 8PM that evening, we will make our 4 day voyage to New York harbor for the Fleet Week celebration in New York (that's right, I get to miss 3 days of school \m/ ^.^ \m/ ). Afterwords, I'll be bumming a ride from my friend and make the 20 minute trip back to town , where I'll probably spend the day at McDonalds or some place talking about the trip.

    Dude, I'm like so exited.

    We're going to be making rounds in helicopters and possibly retired F16 fighter jets . Not everyone will get a chance, it's like a raffle. So idk, maybe I'll get lucky.

    Anyway, I'm so freaked for this trip!

    Have fun while I'm gone, landlubbers!

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    I was totally expecting it to say "And thanks for all the fish."

    Good luck with your 'raffle', a ride in a fighter jet sounds pretty elite. ^_^

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    Indeeeeeeed. I shall bring my new camera, my Nikon D40 !!! Expect them on my Flickr account 5 seconds after I get home on wednesday :P

    Too bad computers/cell phones are prohibited from the carrier... =\

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    Good luck! You will be missed. When do you think you'll be back?

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    hehe, the ship is located at the Norfolk Naval Base. ^.^

    I'll be back sometime wednesday.

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    woah wait... Are you going to Virginia to get to NY Harbor? Or is the ship in Virginia? I'm so confused =[

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    We're leaving from my high school on sunday, taking a coach bus TO Virginia.
    From Norfolk Virginia, we're hopping aboard an Aircraft Carrier, which will make it's voyage FROM Virginia TO New York harbor. So, yeah, it's a round trip xD.

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