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    Question Marriage - Proposing

    For those that are married, please.

    When did you know it was the right time to ask your girlfriend to marry you?

    My emotions are running high as we just had a very awesome weekend together but it has crossed my mind about asking her to marry me in the last year or so.

    Should I wait until all my schooling is done or get married and just hold off on having kids until college is done? So many questions running wild in my head tonight (mostly because I am in pain - sunburn!).

    Look forward to reviewing the replies later this week. Thank you all in advance for your input.

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    Aww, just go with your heart and what you think is right.

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    I am not married, but I am in love and have been so long enough to consider the thought in the outliers of my mind. I also know a large amount of people who got married at a young age, and in my thoughts suffered from it.

    First off, I would not marry anyone until the right for all persons who are in love each other can marry. Until then, I view marriage as a collection of bad, unfair laws.

    I doubt that is the answer to your question though.

    The most important thing I can say is that marriage is not about love, marriage is about compatibility. Can you live with this person for the rest of your life, not love them, live with them. I believe those are two different things, and a person needs to answer both before they can commit to marriage.

    Also, do you love your partner enough to forgive them? Can they hurt your heart, by accident or on purpose, and can you forgive them if they ask for it? If you are unable to forgive, you most likely are unable to forget, and that's just unhealthy in my thoughts.

    Third, why do you want to ruin a good friendship by getting married? I don't have anything to say here, I just think it's a good question

    Fourth, this interesting article (Don't) Put A Ring On It |

    Fifth, do you have any friends who have a realtionship longer than you have? If yes, ask them for their thoughts, and advice. If no, be prepared for people to come to you looking for your thoughts and advice.

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    Alright well.... Lets see I knew I wanted to propose about 2 years into the relationship. I proposed 2 years later. Just recently. I made sure I had a bright future ahead and could give her what she deserves. So think about everything and talk about getting married. I would ask my fiancee if she'd like to marry me and what not. Ya know?

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    1. There are a lot of things you can't do when you're married. If you prefer privacy, and enjoy your own company, marriage is probably a bad idea. Diaper time becomes a rare and valuable commodity, especially if kids show up.

    2. Watching Junior and all his friends, it almost seems like a bunch of lemmings rushing over a cliff - he's attending one wedding or another just about every weekend. By the book, they're all ready, ie, late 20's, decent jobs, finished with school, but still. Don't do it just because everyone else is doing it.

    3. Pregnancy is always a good indicator that its time to get married. Kidding, but only a little. Mrs. Maxx was knocked up when we got married, but I'd already given her the ring a few months before, so we weren't being very careful. (Read: effing like bunnies whenever we damn well pleased, sans protection)

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    My parents have told me that you can get married before you finish college, but wait until you are done to have kids.

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    You could always get engaged, then wait until after you graduate to actually get married. My parents got engaged their junior year, and then got married right after they graduated from college. Then you're committed and plan to marry, but not actually dealing with putting all your finances together, worrying about kids, etc.

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    Thank you all for the comments.

    We pretty much live together as it is already during the school year and she (me too) go home at times to visit with families and so forth. We appear married to most of the outside world.

    She is coming with me during our family reunion this year so I know the question is going to come up from that forth cousin of your great uncles second marriage who parents were 17 when they had kids (just an example).

    I want to get that ring. We are pretty much engaged in the board sense it is time for me to start taking it a little more serious.

    I am going to ask here this week or next how she feels about the idea of announcing it to the family during the reunion and if she is okay with her family, too.

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