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    Default im back!

    Hello everyone. i am back after a month of absence. And i know a few of you asked for me to post some examples of my artwork before i went missing from the forum, and now that i am back, i will be sure to do so. Good to be back!

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    I don't remember you, unfortunately, so....

    Welcome to ADISC!! =D

    Look forward to seeing your artwork.

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    Welcome (back) to ADISC!
    For those of us that missed it the first time around, what are some of your interests and/or hobbies?

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    Yeah i should have thought about that haha i was only part of the forum for 2 days before i left. Anyway, my hobbies include Drawing, obviously. um.. i like 90s cartoons like rockos modern life. I sometimes play paintball with friends and i spend most of my time sleeping throughout the day. And i like animals, which is why alot of my art consists of different species of animals

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    wb, and glad you came back; many happy returns. Now where is this artwork you so temptingly speak of?

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    Drawing is really interesting, it's not something I've done in a long time. I used to it all the time, when I was kid though. I would love to see some of your art sometimes, but this time don't suddenly vanish okay? Hugs!

    I sleep during the day too, and I'm up during the night. But I'm not a vampire, those are scary!

    Welcome (back) to the site!

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    Pics are now in the off-topic section. Hope i dont disappoint :/

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