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Thread: Wearing diapers to concerts/similar events

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    Cool Wearing diapers to concerts/similar events

    Have any of you ever wore diapers to concerts or other events? Because I had a concert a few months ago nearby, and I decided not to wear diapers since I would be meeting there at least a handful of people I know, plus the humiliation if something leaks or if you just see it. I was also worried that someone may be able to feel my diaper rubbing against them in the mosh pit (I love it , it really makes concerts worth it, especially for pop/techno music!!). But then on several occasions I deeply regretted that I didn't have them on!!

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    I have never worn to a concert, but I would imagine if your are drinking they can come in pretty handy. Just wear a high quality diaper, (Bambino/Secure X-Plus, Abena X-Plus, Molicare Super Plus, PC Acitve Ultra Plus etc.) you should be fine.

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    I was gonna get a molicare for then, but I still haven't found the right opportunity to do it!

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    it all depends on the person and the situation. if you do have trouble holding it for long periods of time or are not going to be able to access a bathroom quickly then yea wearing isn't a bad idea, just make sure its a good quality diaper if you will be in it a long time.
    you can always wear plastic pants with boxers over it and baggy pants if your worried about being noticed.

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    Never in my entire life have I attended a concert, performance, movie or similar event without wearing a diaper appropriate to the situation.

    Of course I am profoundly urinary incontinent so this is hardly a matter of my choice.

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    I think this sounds like a good idea. If I was to go to concert I would take a diaper into serious consideration.

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    several times but i went to an earthday birthday concert (lots of moshes) and im glad i didnt wear to that one i was bumped and hit alot but was awsome nut not for diapers so take then if there is little or no touching involed otherwise leavem at home

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    I use to work at a major concert venue, and would sometimes wear an oldschool attends, I remember onetime walking thru the crowd of a Limp Bizkit show when a young groupie saw my laminate and jumped on me and kissed me and rubbed up against my crotch, she looked real confused when she couldnt properly grope my "package", she begged me to get her backstage and said shed do "anything" she was very young and probably out of her mind on ecstasy or some hallucinogen, and I was padded, so I told her to wait there and Id come get her later, I never did. Sometimes I wish I had, she was cute, but the "good" side of me knew it would be taking advantage, plus Id of had to ditch the attends.

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    I haven't worn to any event except to the movie theater. I can see how going to a rave wearing would be totally awesome, especially on E, although I don't go to raves or take E.

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    I would never risk a stranger finding out. But that's just me.

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