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Thread: *tips hat*

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    Default *tips hat*

    Heya, kids ;P

    I'm Ryan, and I've been lurking off and on for years so I suppose it's time to introduce myself..!

    I'm 25 and I live in California. Been a DL since before I can remember..

    Anyhow, I'm pleased to meet you all.. and if you'd like to chat or anything just let me know ;D

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    so apart form diapers what else do you like to do?

    And Welcome to ADISC

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    Well.. I'm a guitarist and vocalist in a metal band. and uhhh.. what else.. To be honest I've been so busy I haven't had time for much else lately. I've been ridiculously preoccupied ;/

    But I like just about all the stuff that any guy likes hahah.. Oh! I dig big trucks.

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    Another California DL! Finally. But I promise, I won't hijack this thread either.

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    I a musician too and big trucks are cool but they have crappy milage

    does your band get any Gigs?

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    No gigs at the moment.. I was in a thrash metal band years ago and we played quite a few gigs. But this band is newer, and we're working on finishing off the first album. It's extremely progressive so I don't know where we'd even play around here.

    There are alot of old folks in Monterey ;x

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    I dont live here I work here and for an international community i find it easier to just say I live here. I live in a suburb of LA near Simi Valley called Moorpark.

    Dont hate me for my location being not my Home

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