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Thread: hi guys! here is my introduction.

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    Default hi guys! here is my introduction.

    im a boy from Hungary. (Hungary is a country in central Europe.) i am 21 years old, and i am a student.
    i have a great interest in Diapers:P i like to see pictures of boys in diapers, and i like to wear them as well. i am Bisexual.
    i would be happy to chat with you guys! so feel free to send a mail to my gmail if you want

    My english is not too good, because i learned it from the internet surfing sites like this one so please excuse my bad English or help me to speak better

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    Hello and welcome!

    Please do take note that this is not the place to discuss viewing diaper pictures, or asking for any. So please avoid doing so!

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    Welcome to ADISC. It's nice to meet you Hungarian. I fairly certain that many of us are wondering what your non-diaper-related interests are. Do you play any instruments for example?

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    Thank you for the question Yes i do! i play the guitar a little bit (only accords), and i like movies too. Peachy, please calm down i have already read the rules

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    I was just in hungary in Budapest! I was there with my handbell choir and I really liked it there. where are you in hungary?

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    i live in Budapest. And yes Budapest is a nice place but i want to go to Australia ;D that's my fav country:P

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    australia is a long way from hungary though and they talk funny (jk jk)

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    yes i know! but i like to travel and once i want to visit Japan how is the weather in Califonia? it's raining here

    this is Magyarorszag (Hungary in Hungarian :P) these days YouTube - Fels . Thank god it's not Budapest
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    Last time I looked it was foggy but last I was outdoors was 7:10 I dont get off for lunch til 12:30 :sigh: oh well it should be sunny

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hungarian21 View Post
    yes i know! but i like to travel and once i want to visit Japan how is the weather in Califonia? it's raining here
    Where exactly in California? Where I live it is literally hell outside.

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