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    Any of you have a waist that is much smaller than your thighs. last year I got these Priva all in one diapers that had one snap on top and one on bottom , I could not seen to get the bottom to snap. Even when I wear plastic pants I notice that the waist area seems much looser than the leg area. I don't have trouble wearing disposable diapers but top tape is always farther in than the bottom

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    I have, I've got female hips for sure. This is why I end up wearing mediums in most diaper sizes, but they are usually quite big on me. I just joined a gym, so I'm workin on it.

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    I have the same problem as well, and it can be a pain to get the right diaper sizes. For me if I order a medium of a certain diaper it will fit fine at the waist, but be tight in the hip area. Then if I go large in the same diaper it will fit awesome at the waist, but be real loose at the hips. This happens mainly with Bambinos and ABU diapers. Most of the other diapers beside this I do not have to much of a problem with.

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    I have this morphology too (25" waist and 30" hips). For now it doesn't suck that much, because anyway Mediums would be too big for me.

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    Yes, but I'm slender and usually wear cheap one-size-fits-mosts.

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    I am female and my waist has been smallar than my thighs. It's common for women to have a smallar waist than their hips. It's the way our bodies are. Men don't have wider hips and we do because we need room for our baby when we are pregnant.

    But luckily diapers have two tabs and you can adjust them for your hips and you can wear them below your waist. The tabs have always been closer together at the top in my waist area and the two tabs on the bottom be further apart.

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    38 inch waist, 46 inch hips, AND cyclists' legs besides (28-29 inch legs). My waist puts me at the larger end of medium diapers, but because of my hips and legs, I wind up being too big for most mediums, like Bambinos and ABUniverse Cushies, for example, but not large enough for the large sizes of those same brands. Especially with Bambinos, the large leave gaps because of the way they tape together and then I leak. Hell, I even have a hard time with onesies because I effectively have to order a longer length than I actually am in order to account for the hips, but then they still don't cover the diaper quite right.

    Oh well, I do need to lose some weight anyway, so...

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    I have 33 or 34 hips and a 28 or so waist. My stomach curves inwards when I relax. Downhill mountain biking is the best exercise...
    I have big legs though. I always leak right at the seat of my diapers.....

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