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Thread: What/When do you wear diapers?

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    Default What/When do you wear diapers?

    So its probably been asked, but I'm just curious. What is your favorite diaper and how often do you wear them?

    I wear goodnights all day everyday. Pampers size 7 also fits me well

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    only really worn bambinos, and I wear them when I can and feel like wearing :P

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    Wear as often as I can. There are different varieties of diapers i wear.

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    My thighs r gigantic, so I have to edit the straps on the Pampers Cruisers size 7 to make them fit. I'm in a Goodnights right now and it's tight, but it fits luckily. Other than those, I wear Depends, ABU Cushies, and I've also worn some Bambinos.

    When I'm in college, I don't wear at all, but during the summers it was usually a few times a week. This summer has been practically everyday at night, but college starts back soon so I won't be able to wear any again until Christmas :/

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    I wear Tena Slip Maxi and Depends all the time because I'm IC. Very rarely I wear Pampers 6 (In my country pampers 7 are unavailable, but 6 fits me).
    When I go sleep I usually wear Bambino Diapers

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    I wear Dry 24/7 and have total incontinence from major spinal problems

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    Like most people I wear when I can. I have a few brands that I have at the moment. Attends, Tena Slip, Molicare and Abriform.

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    i wear like 1-2 times per week, usually depends cuz thats what i get at the stores around here

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    I wear Libero Comfort fit, size XL+. They're baby diapers, but they fit me well. I've never tried adult sized diapers. I think I'm gonna get some Bambinos, sooner or later

    I can't wear diapers that often though. Mostly because my mother is of the Enters-my-room-without-knocking-and-then-leaves-the-door-open type. Sometimes I wear them at night, but that's not very often either. In total, I guess I wear diapers once or twice every six months. I'd really like to wear more often though

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