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    Unhappy Greetings from Holland

    Hi everyone,

    My name is David, I'm 24 years old and live in Holland. I've been a DL for over ten years now and to be honest, I'm currently finding it more difficult to cope with it than ever before.

    I think I got interested in diapers when I was 4 or 5 years old. I had lots of sleepovers at the neighbors. The girl next door, who was slighty younger than I was, still wet the bed and had to wear diapers every night, while I didn't. It made me jealous. As we grew apart over the following years, the diapers disappeared to the background, until I turned twelve. I found baby diapers at my grandparents' house, took a couple of them home and got hooked ever since, especially when I found out I wasn't the only one enjoying diapers.

    At that time, wearing diapers was highly exciting and electrifying. I would do it when I returned from school (as my parents wouldn't be home) or at night. I often bought Drynites (a.k.a. Goodnites) and at some point worked up the courage to get a pack of adult diapers from a local pharmacy. I enjoy the feeling of innocence, the immediate and deep relaxation, the enormous luxury of not having to get out of bed as well as the obvious naughtiness of doing something I shouldn't supposed to be doing.

    I've met various AB and DL girls in the country and enjoyed every single meeting. It's so great to be able to share your experiences with someone else and have your DL feelings seem like normal for a while. I'm really grateful for this.

    Nowadays, I'm a college graduate in communication, living at my own place. I can wear diapers as often and much as I like, but I'm starting to have a sort of identity crisis. The sheer and plain enjoyment has largely been replaced by uncertainty and loads of questions. The first thing is, I'm dating a wonderful girl who doesn't know anything about this. I dread the day I'll have to hell her (or any other girl I might stay with) about being a DL. I've told others in the past with results everywhere between failure and success. Some had respect, others were blatantly negative, even mean.

    The second thing is, I don't feel this fits well in my personal life. It's all so risky, quirky, weird... I find it difficult to accept this part of myself, even if I had done so for many years in the past. The constant need of keeping this a secret makes me feel lonely when it comes to diapers.

    By registering here, I hope to find new, wonderful people to connect with and talk to. I hope to find friendship and understanding. I enjoy reading about other's experiences and opinions.

    If you're still reading, thanks for doing so, I really appreciate it. Hopefully we'll meet here soon. I should probably end by saying that generally I'm a happy and cheerful person, just when it comes to diapers I'm a little, let's say, confused.

    Talk to you soon!

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    Yay for detailed intros! But hugs especially for the welcoming you to the site.

    A lot of people have similar reasons, so I'm sure that you won't feel out of place around here. I'm glad you have the courage to tell people in your real life too, because despite the hate you get sometimes, I have always found it really worth it in the end. I hope the meanie's won't keep you from doing so in the future.

    Other than your DL interests, what other things do you like to do? (Yay, super special awesome usual response go!)

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    Oops, forgot to add some of my other interests, of which there are plenty. I love photography, although I don't have much time for it since I landed a fulltime job recently. I'm a drummer, although there's no band at the moment, for the same reason I currently don't do much photography. I'm very much into news and politics, watch lots of news programs, read papers, etc. I enjoy having a drink or two (non-smoker btw) with friends and like to listen to them. I used to play soccer but quit and went for fitness instead, although I'm missing the competitiveness. I'm a frequent movie and concert goer too. Finally, I'm half a computer nerd, upgrading my computer myself every once in a while and being knowledgeable about html, css, php, etc.

    Hope that's good for now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Youjo View Post
    Yay for detailed intros! But hugs especially for the welcoming you to the site. (...) Other than your DL interests, what other things do you like to do?
    Thank you Youjo, that's very kind of you. The meanies have kept me down for a while but I grew over their ignorance. At the same time, it unfortunately does make me hesitant telling more people about this. Especially in a relationship context, I'm absolutely terrified.

    You've beaten me just to the punch concerning the other interests, they're there now!

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    Oh yeah. That's why I'm always starting relationships with best friends that already know these things about me before they even get involved. I just feel like the person has a right to know what they are getting into I guess, and would rather tell people it quickly before letting myself be hurt.

    Your hobbies are all interesting. My best friend-mommy shares a bunch of them but I don't so I am sad to say there isn't super instant bonding power, but I'm interested in them all the same. You seem pretty awesome.

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