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Thread: How do you guys buy clothes?

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    Default How do you guys buy clothes?

    How do you guys shop for clothes? All I have heard about is track pants and loose shirts. Surely people can wear other clothes over diapers right? I want to wear almost daily in college and I obviously cannot wear track pants every single day. Isn't there something nicer to wear. Can I wear jeans? All my jeans look really tight over diapers and look obvious. Should I get looser jeans? I want to scream because I am shaped like a damn triangle when diapered. I am a runner and my legs and glutes are very developed yet my upper body looks like a 5 year olds body. A diaper on my thin frame is terribly obvious because my butt and legs are already to big for my body even without diapers. What can I wear besides track pants?

    Also, this is probably a stupid question but... Do you guys wear diapers into the changing room? Maybye if I wore diapers when clothes shopping I could have a better feel for how things look on me.
    Bottom line is that I do not know what to wear that is dare I say, “cool”. My mom has always bout my clothes for me. I do not want to look like a total shmuck when I go to college. Can any of you guys pull off jeans and a t-shirt?

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    This is where I feel bad for guys, because wearing a skirt or a dress, especially a loose fitting one makes this process so much easier. Anything tight would probably be a no go sadly. Though maybe someone from your side of the fence might have more tips when it comes to tighter things like jeans.

    I still think loose fitting pants is your best bet though.

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    Get loose, relaxed-fit jeans or cargo pants. Old Navy has a guide on their different types of jeans.

    And, yes, wear diapers while clothes shopping. It's like wearing a low-cut top when you have to find the perfect bra for it.

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    Even if your pants aren't very loose, you can't notice diapers unless you know what to look for and you look well... Some people recommend to put over your diapers tight underpants, which helps cover it up if you bend over and keeps it in place so that it is less noticeable.

    And what sort of diapers are you wearing? Because you don't have to wear the biggest and most padded ones. I would recommend molicares since they are thin, discrete (apart from the purpleish color) and soak up a lot (some people report that it will hold at least 3 major wettings).

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    Well, Depends and other cheap adult diapers are unnoticeable under tight clothes...

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    Wear jeans about 1 size larger then normal. A onesie helps sometimes too. Don't wear real thick disposables. Tena pull on briefs are ok. just have to change more often thats all

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    I wear a size larger jeans and my wife says you can't tell. I can even do this with shorts. The other trick is to wear a larger shirt, one that comes down and covers your butt. You're good to go....and go.....and go....teehee.

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    I wear jeans most every day, and no one has ever noticed. I don't wear the tight ones either. Best thing to do is wear a diaper when you go shopping, and figure it out that way. Jeans, cargo pants are both fine. Dress pants are nearly impossible because they're so much thinner. I like the relaxed fit jeans as well. My diaper of choice is an Abena extra. They're absorbent enough to wear w/o worrying about leaks, but thin enough to fit under clothes w/o being obvious.

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    Side note, if you're worried about the waist sticking out, wear a onesie. I have 2 from Gabbys that look like tshirts, and one of the abena body stockings. Again, they look like tshirts, and also help hold the diaper in place when wet.

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    This is one reason I wear goodnites they have a lower profile so they are good for not showing as much (In these I can get away with jeans and t-shirt) you could give the 8-15 ones a try as long as you are semi slim they should fit fine.

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