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    Well, I haven't quite posted here much. Kinda been in the shadows...anywho I'm now in quite a predicament. About 4 months ago or so, I had gotten a new decent paying job, and things were going good. That's when I decided I wanted to just start wearing 24/7 considering I had the time and freedom too. Things were going great with it, and I've been keeping to my 24/7 since. Well, as of recent, I got laid off from my job, for what seems to be indefinite. Now, this poses a huge problem. I have gotten quite used to my wearing, if you can see where I'm going with that. Now, I only have enough of a supply, to last maybe til the end of this week. That is, if I'm lucky. Anywho, I don't know what I'm gonna do now after I run out, because I can't just tell my parents about my wearing, just ain't gonna happen. Likewise, I have a few friends that know about it but its kinda swept under the rug. So, I'm in quite of a bind. I'm going to go through this week, and try to extend my supply as long as possible. However, once I'm out, I'm out for good. So unless I can pull off a miracle, people that didn't previously know about my wearing, might in turn find out very quickly. Ugh...sorry for the length, I just wanted to share my newfound frustration.

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    I really hope you need in can't control yourself. Otherwise forcing something like that on your peers is downright rude.

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    I don't see the issue really? Have you become incontentant? If so I suggest you train yourself back quick sharp, it shouldn't be too hard really, you've done it once before... just try holding it in when you need to go.

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    My friends that know only found out by accident, and don't really have a problem with it whatsoever. And I prolly should've clarified a bit more in the post that I wasn't in need of them until this point, but through the course of my wearing I have grown quite dependant, which honestly was my intention. However, I've done 24/7 for only a few days at a time before this streak, and haven't really had to experience retraining, not thinking I would need to for quite some time. I don't know when I have to go anymore at this point and when I start to its incredibly difficult to stop the flow, but I know I'm gonna have to start trying my hardest.

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    you're going to have to potty train out of necessity now, it's your only option, at least until you find a new job...

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    Yeah I know...I just hope I can do it in time before I run out of my supply : /

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    so you managed to go completly incontentant in only 4 months? :S

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    Just for wetting, and I was intentionally doing what I could to speed up the process. Constantly drinking something regularly, wetting at any slight urge, so yeah...over time I just stopped feeling the need to go, and it would just happen.

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    I call shinanagins!!!!That's ridiculous I am acctually inco..Unless you have damaged your parts you should have no problem once you are out of supply and realize you have no choice...

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    You can call shananigans all you want but I'm not saying this to try and get a rise out of people, I'm just trying to tell my little story. I know ultimately ill be able to retrain I'm just saying idk exactly how easy its gonna be immediately following running out

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