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    Is there anybody else here who is simply a diaperfur (a furry who is into diapers without the *B aspect) and not a babyfur? It seems everybody here who is a furry is a babyfur as well.

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    ^Odd, those threads didn't come up when I did a search for similar threads.

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    Quote Originally Posted by IantheFox View Post
    ^Odd, those threads didn't come up when I did a search for similar threads.
    I have a gift for research

    Maybe you'll hear from some others like yourself.

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    *waves hand* I am! I've tried the whole babyfur roleplaying thing, and I just couldn't get the hang of it. Frankly, I'm just a DL anyway, without the furry aspect taken into account. So, why should I be anything other than a DL when I'm being furry?

    So, yeah. I'm just a regular old diaperfur. :P

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    Hey! What about me?

    I am oldfur & d-fur, not babyfur. My raccoon fixation and my diaper fixation both emerged as separate, unrelated things. (Diapers came first, though by how many years I do not remember.) All this was a very, very long time ago... when subcultures like furry (or goth or Star Trek...) had not yet made themselves known... of course fans existed... but had not formed a collective fandom. Remember, Science Fiction wasn't even mainstream back then! All I knew back then was I really, really liked anthropomorphic animal stories, and liked to rp being raccoon. I recall trying this rp with one or two other kids who were willing but did not get it at all.

    So all this furry stuff stayed back in my imagination, dormant, hidden under my subsequent fannish interests, which revolved in large part around James Bond & Space 1999 Eagles. The internet reconnected me with furry thoughts and feelings... and gave rise to the melding of these two of my fixations. So here I am; my fursona isn't very far from actual me...
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    I'm pretty much a DL Fur, however I'm still trying out the AB aspect of it. I guess I kinda wobble back and forth, as I like my diapers, but I don't always like being childish.

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    I am! I put in a request a while back asking if they could put DF on the list but so far nothing. :/

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    i am but as you can tell from my name and avi the idea is quickly devouring me halp!

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