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Thread: I'm bad at introductions!

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    Default I'm bad at introductions!


    I don't really know what to say about myself, because I'm a much different person when diapers are involved :S

    I'm 19, pretty shy and I like to wear diapers.. I don't have to wear them but I just like to. IDK!

    How about, if you have questions for me just ask them and I promise I'll answer any of them I'm no good at introducing myself

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    Some things about me I can mention are, I'm really into art. All different kinds. I draw and paint all the time and I am learning guitar and ukulele. I listen to a wide range of alternative music; Aphex Twin and Kurt Vile are my favorites.. I'm also a big admirer of furry artwork and I have been known to draw furry related art at times, but I don't really consider myself a furry in the role playing sense.

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    Nice to have you here on far. Don't worry about intro threads too much, a lot of people freak out at that point. I like to wear nappies too, even though I don't have to like most of the people here.

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    Welcome to adisc Muteregit. I have a few questions for you. When did you start wearing? Whats your fav. brand?

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    . I think when I was 16 I called sick from school and drove to walmart and bought a pack of goodnites XL

    My favorite brand so far is Bambino

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    Hey there! Great to meet you!

    What kinda art do you enjoy drawing/painting the most? Also, your name is fascinating to me.. how did you think of it?

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    Welcome. yes it is hard to write a introduction. I have the same problem.

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    heyness! welcome to the site! I'm the same way when diapers r involved, it's like I live a double life :S

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    Welcome to the forums! We all are a different person when we wear diapers! Oh and you play ukulele? I love that instrument, very nice to play.

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    Hey there, Muteregit! Welcome to ADISC!

    And you're doing fine! Don't worry, we don't bite!

    (To my knowledge, anyway)

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