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Thread: Your usual 21-year-old kid from Finland

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    Exclamation Your usual 21-year-old kid from Finland

    So, it seems like many people introduce themselves here. I might as well come here say "hello" to everyone too . Now that for some reason the other site I visited (DS) is not working, I'll search this place for new friends too.

    Well, I am a 21-year-old male from Southern Finland, and I like doing many things on my freetime, such as bike and study japanese. I usually bike around 3-4k kilometres a year. I have also done geocaching and played chess. I take lots of photos with my camera, and like showing my photos around. There is many many more interests I have, ranging from psychology to umm.. gathering blueberries And to those interested hearing this -->:, I might consider myself an abdl

    I hope to get new friends from this site, preferably from Europe and Asia. Finnish friends would be even better, but they hardly exist on these kind of places.. You can add me on MSN if you please. My ideal friend would be online often, and accept many kind of people, and talk openly about everything. I also appreciate if you can write better than those "I C U Y R U @ school?!!" type of guys. My english is definitely not perfect yet, but I keep learning it every day.

    I also bought a new webcam for MSN chats.. And no, I'm not that type of webcam guy! I just want to show around my house and stuff Please ask for my IM address and we are sure to have fun chats

    All in all, nice to meet you,

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    You seem like a really interesting person, and if you really get bored I'm always up for a good old MSN chat. Though I have to say, I'm pretty far away from where you are so when it comes to locale I'm not your ideal on that end.

    But yeah, I like your name, your hobbies are cool and you seem pretty great. Welcome and stuff.

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    Thanks for your posts! I mostly said Finnish or Europe just because then it is so much easier to see them in real life at some point, should that happen For your usual MSN chat, I'm of course more than happy to accept anyone with open mind. My home is full of treasures to be shown Not only with newest MSN, you can easily share photos, and you don't even need to download them.. nice!

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    I understand about why you asked that, and did. Sorry if it sounded like I was upset or anything.

    What sort of treasures are you talking about? I find my collectibles a treasure for sure. Hobbies in general are super fun.

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    Well, during all these years with geocaching and collecting anime goods and other stuff.. I call my living room a treasure island.. I thought I could make my post a little more colourful if I'm able to upload a photo of me. Might be a scary moment

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    Good name of you living room. And yes stuffed animals are great.

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    That sounds really awesome! It's really great you have something you can be so proud of. And your picture is nice, you look very peaceful in it. Whenever I'm taking pictures of myself I get all shivery and I end up looking really awkward.

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    I'm not a huge fan of taking photos of myself either, but a few photos are still on my HD It always kind of makes me wonder if people show these photos everywhere around internet and somehow all my friends know I visit this kind of sites Not that it would be a huge loss with the amount of real life friends I have.. And my roommate knows everything about me already. We've been friends for what, like 7 years or something.

    I did not yet say, that I'm always hungry and eat lots of food .. I do very physical work and bike alot, so it won't affect my weight. I like healthy food, like bread, fish and stuff.

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