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Thread: What has being poor or middle class given you advanteges over being rich with money.

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    Default What has being poor or middle class given you advanteges over being rich with money.

    I was just wondering, Has being poor or middle class given you an advantage? Or would you have rather been born rich and clueless.

    Being poor or middle class I do everything for myself. If my car does not start its time to figure it out and fix it. I don't have much money and rather not have some one else touch my baby! (ok so it might be a piece of shit 86' Chevy Beretta, but its still my baby)

    Any way Because of my upraising I fix everything my self, Pluming, electrical, and, mechanical. If I don't know what I am doing Its time to get my learn on.

    I owe thanks to my dad, scouting, and family.

    To be stranded and know how to get out of a situation is awesome!

    Any way has being poor or Middle class brought you any advantages?
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    I know how to really make the dollar last. I really feel like if I needed to, I could live on very very very little money at all, which really helps me out in a time of economic icky like we are in right now. I'm creative with my food and I'm really happy with very little in my life. I can be happy with just everything I already have, I'm not constantly searching for more.

    I feel like growing up poor has helped me to become a very confident person in a few areas, and if anything I feel like I might be a tiny bit nicer for it too.

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    Well I'd say I'm well off, upper-middle class, I know how to do some things and there's plenty I don't. We never really paid people to do anything, my dad grew up dirt poor and knew how to fix anything, so we just asked him. So money had nothing to do with learning what to do and what not to, it was completely about him already knowing.

    Also, learned shouldn't be capitalized, neither doesn't have an 'a', and clueless is spelled like that. There are others, but I don't want to go through correcting everything at 0400.

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    Better off?

    Certainly not. I spent the first ten years of my life living out of a series of trailers, going to over eight different Elementary schools, paired with a family with already no money weighed down by the medical bills of my serious physical issues. If my family had more money at that time, we would have all been better off, and that's not to speak of not being hugely in debt with student loans after my first degree (and slightly less so after my second).

    Now, am I Harder working without having had a silver spoon in my mouth? Definitely. Something to do with having done continuous 40-plus hour weeks since I was 14 just to keep up.

    I have to concur with Zephy. A little more attention to your posts in Mature Topics, at least, would be very much appreciated. A lot of what you say is so mangled that it's hard to understand.

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    You definitely can get just the same amount of raw knowledge from either experience of life. I guess it all just comes down to really, how you are effected by the life that you are given. We all are equal in the end.

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    Your poll is a little biased so I refuse to vote.

    I was born into a poor but not too bad family, over the years we got more and more money as my dad was promoted in the army.

    Yet, I'm complete fuck up who has a had enough time keeping a job let alone being successful.
    What you're born into doesn't define anything. Its how you're brought up.

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    Butterfly Mage


    I started working when I was14. If I wanted to eat and have clothes, I had to work. It was as simple as that. I am a very self-reliant person.

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    A feeling of earning what I get, but on the flipside, feeling the need to buy things I never could afford for myself before (and not valuing a good savings account for padding).

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    I voted "Don't Care", because I think it's utterly stupid to profile someone's intelligence based upon their income level. I know several people who are impoverished and lack the common sense to find their way out of a paper bag. I know others who are well off and can stay that way in this economy because of their intelligence and business sense.

    For me, personally? Life lessons are important, however they come.

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    Holy biased false dilemma Batman!

    The rich are not all "clueless" and lacking in work ethic. The poor and middle class are not all wise in the ways of the world.

    Moreover, any ability to do things yourself becomes largely irrelevant should you be in such a career that your hourly is greater than that of the person you would hire to do it for you. Thing is, while we have a sympathetic view towards being the jack-of-all-trades handyman, such flies in the face of the economic comparative advantages from specialization. If I had a dime for every highly motivated bright pre-med student I've met who came from a wealthy background, I could afford to hire someone else to do my posting for me. The "clueless" people here are those who pride themselves on the fact that they wouldn't have brought their doctor's Mercedes in for an oil change.

    Personally, I came from a middle class background. My parents encouraged me to study hard and get involved, so I did. They provided a comfortable lifestyle with plenty of food and all the necessities, but rarely anything new and expensive. I don't consider myself to be much of a handyman, but I'm plenty smart enough to look up resources and figure out how to take care of whatever comes up. I credit my background for giving me with modest tastes in life.

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