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Thread: Just wanna say hey ppls!

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    Wink Just wanna say hey ppls!

    So a friend I met on Diaperspace a while ago recommended me to this site. I'd never heard of it before she told me, but yea, it seems pretty sweet. Anyway, I'm Nolan and I just wanted to make some friends. I was on Diaperspace but idk if that's even a site anymore. I'm also on mydltown and diaperbook, but I can't ever talk to people on there, and I pretty much want to make friends who are like me.

    I was around 10 when I first tried on a diaper and since then I've been addicted to them. All throughout my middle school and high school days, I never even knew that there was an ABDL community, I just figured this was some sick thing that was made up in my mind, which made me super depressed but after graduating, I finally searched online and realized that I wasn't alone! I've been trying to make friends and fit in within the ABDL community but that seems to be easier said than done, especially since I'm so shy :/

    Anyway, HEY to anyone who reads this and U are totally awesome and deserve some homemade brownies or something just freakin awesome like that xD

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    Welcome, EmoCow!

    Yep, I tend to be pretty shy myself. It took me a very Long time to discover I was neither ill nor alone.

    So, what are some more of your interests? Me, I'm a WoW nerd.

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    Nice to meet you guys! haha, WOW, that's pretty cool!

    ummmm, I'm a huge music freak. I'm all into today's underground indie music, and go to a stupid amount of shows... idk if u've heard of warped tour but I just went to that last Thursday. AND I collect new vinyl. I like making stupid videos, well videos that are there to entertain others while I act like myself, crazy and retarded. I also just recently discovered airsoft guns with a couple of my buddies... now I have little dots/bruises all over lol

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    Welcome Nolan! I felt the same way you did in high school about liking diapers. It wasn't until college for me, as well, that I found there were others just like me. I've found this site is a much better resource for communicating with other like-minded diaper wearers without having to worry about the really creepy people who give this lifestyle a bad rap.

    Hope you make friends and feel at home here!

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    Welcome! Nice to see some fellow musicians on here

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    Kunnichiwa, Nolan-san!! ^_^ From your local Otaku that visits this forum. Also, I hope you have a great time on this site and enjoy yourself!

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    Thanx other ppls!!! xD I'm trying to learn the guitar, I have a Fender Starcaster (looks and feels like a Strat, but it's not), but that isn't going too well. I think I'm gonna get that game that's coming out in a few months for xbox 360/ps3 that is like rockband, but it uses a real 6 string electric guitar and u play real cords while u play the game

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