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Thread: What languages do you know and why?

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    Default What languages do you know and why?

    I know English and Spanish equally. My first language is English then I learnt spanish by going to school Wasnt very good at it until later in life. Now I dominate both languages equally with little accent in both sadly my dialect is a mix of Bronx and brooklyn NY thanks to my parents. Over all I prefer English even tough Im Puerto Rican. I think and express myself better in English.

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    I fluently speak only 3 languages: english, my mothertongue and the local language. I am also learning 2 more foreign languages.

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    English, and I'm learning にほんご (Japanese) I know very little Spanish as well, (actually I can read it aloud and sound rather fluent, but I don't understand what I'm reading at all)

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    English and some Italian. I took it freshman through junior year, but the teacher wasn't always focused on learning so I'm far from fluent in it.

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    Hmmmm I can read French better than I can speak it (I took 8 years of French), so my French is very Basic (I just need to jumpstart it but really what I need is practice; it's all there). Spanish for 3 years, which I can speak well enough to make conversation (and well enough that the Columbians that I work with can understand me) and well enough to understand. I know enough German to welcome someone into my house or tell them to get the heck out (due to my family, Mom and Grandfather). I can understand some Italian due to the fact that if you've got one or two Romance languages you sort of have them all, which is why I can read Romanian/Moldovan (even though I can't speak it).

    Currently, I'm working on Korean, Chinese, and Thai. That's all for now.

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    Butterfly Mage


    I know a bit of sign language, but I wouldn't call my knowledge "fluent". It's more "sorta getting by and slightly better than handwriting it out".

    In a cynical note, I'm pretty good at interpreting slang that is so butchered that it barely is recognizable as English. (for exmample, "We'z is aint's be gots goans b'doins" roughly translates to "We don't have to do what you say, nor will we".

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    Odd question. Odd answers.


    High functioning conversational:
    Piglatin? :3
    Low functioning conversational:

    Vocabulary familiarity:
    Ancient French

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    Okay, so raised English, 12 years studying French, and 3 years studying Spanish. I make up for not knowing other languages by crushing all you people at good ol' English.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zephiel View Post
    Okay, so raised English, 12 years studying French, and 3 years studying Spanish. I make up for not knowing other languages by crushing all you people at good ol' English.
    Except for me. :p

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