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    Hey, everyone. I just got back from visiting Legoland Billund in Denmark, and I have to say it was a great place. It is certainly not the most thrilling amusement park for rides, but it is a great kid-friendly park that still has enough to keep adults interested. There were only three rides my 4-year-old could not ride because she was too short. Everything else was good to go!

    The models are really cool. I was never into Legos as a kid, but I found some of the models that had over 50,000 pieces phenomenal! I can't imagine having the creativity to make one of those, much less the time. I guess the model makers get paid, though, so it must not be too bad for them.

    If you are ever in Denmark, give it a try! Anyone been to any of the other Legolands? Are they similar?

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    Oh the Danish! Legos used to be a great part of my life, but alas, I have outgrew it for the most part though. The only one in the US for now is in California and I have never left the East Coast US. I think they are opening one up in Florida soon, so it would be somewhat interesting if I ever choose to go there to rekindle my childhood pasttime.

    I would imagine though that the Billund park should be one of the better ones providing that Lego operates their world headquarters in Denmark.

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    I have been to the one in Denmark myself. Was very much into Legos as a child and have fond memories of visiting LegoLand. All of the different models reproduced in very high detail of places all around the world. Most cool!

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    I haven't been to Legoland, but we have a lot of Legos at out house. My wife and I were at Toys R Us this week and I found "Lego City". What a fantastic set She asked me if I wanted it but it was $100.00. I just couldn't justify it, but we will probably get it before Christmas as a play toy for grand children when they come to our house. My wife knows I'll love playing it with them. The one I liked was the service station. I had a metal gas station when I was a little kid, and I used to play with it for hours. Some things never change!

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    I've been to the California Legoland and I still enjoyed it. It may not have the greatest rides ever, but I still enjoyed all the Lego Models that they have there as well as the Knight's Tournament Ride.

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