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Thread: My real diaper experiences

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    Default My real diaper experiences

    My True Child Hood 5-9
    i have had plenty experience wearing diapers as a kid.I have always wet the bed and did it quite frequently and wasn't pottied trained until 3. I can rember wearing pull-ups back in 94 and such.My family has always been under standing.My dad wet until 14 and mom until 17 and I'm 19 and still wet.My first experience of being made fun of for bed wetting was when i was 6-7(my birthday is in November) in late October 1997 my dad was arrested for child molestation (he was later proven innocent with in 4 months).I was put into a abusive shelter for 4 months i saw kids beaten with crow bars and other fun influential things(the place is shut down now) I was sleeping in a room with about 20 other kids 5-14 during that time i was molested and i would get made fun of for bed wetting and had to wear goodnites.

    I was adopted by my grandparents who handled me pretty well they were very kind and lived there for almost a year before moving back into my moms.I have always had desires to wear diapers and cross dress and here i did that on a regular basis at my moms i would wear diapers to school and cross dress at home my mom didn't make a big deal about it.I had anger issues and am bipolar i got into alot of fights at school so only a few knew i wore diapers but they wouldn't make fun of me because of it.

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    I don't know where to start. First and foremost, I do feel very bad for all your childhood experiences. But what exactly is the purpose you are trying to achieve? Just curious.

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    I forgot about the blog feature not really all that tech savvy i was just typing to past time but that stuff is true my life kept getting worse and worse.Now I'm haunted by nightmares of the past. I did become a full time college student but my enter teen years were hell.I have no Friends that i know (not talking about online).My best friend was hit in the head with a brick and got amnesia when i was 12.He doesn't rember the past at all.At the time I was living with my abusive stepmother who my dad remarried the next week after divorcing my mom when i was 8.I moved in with them when i was 10.I was kept inside having been diagnosed with bipolar disorder my dad really didn't have any influence since my step mother was considered a "expert on the subject".When i was 8 i moved to Missouri until my tenth summer then moved back to Georgia.I was abused on a daily bases but couldn't do any thing about it.I was hit sexually assaulted, starved at times and various other cruelness.I had charges when 8 and that's why i moved to Missouri(various assault and other anger related charges).I was bullied by a police officers son and retaliated instead of going to the teacher and pissed off the wrong person.While living with my stepmother was kept inside i wasn't allowed out expect for school and my stepmother taught at the school I attend (Her name is Margret Golden at Sweet Water Middle School)she recently retired .She told the other teacher that I was a pathological liar and that I was insane and they shouldn't listen to me.Around my !4th birthday i lost control and pinned her up against a wall and told her if she ever touched me again I'd kill her.She filed charges for Terroristic threats and i went into state custody until i was 18 i told them the truth but my past charges were held against me.

    I officially hate the government, want nothing to do with my father who just sat around watching like a coward,and I plan to change my name when I'm done with schooling to Eldrick Spectrum.My life has been hell. I've made my fair share of mistakes and have seen my share of suffering. I've seen the worse of society and it sucks. People say when life gives you lemons make lemonade.What if Life offers pain,do you embrace death.I have thought of suicide in the past but few it as the cowards way out.I have made it my life's goal to succeed to spite those who put me down. When I'm done with schooling I'm might join the navy. Right now i live with my mom.She probably won't last another 2 or 3 years.She has 8% percent kidney function and is a diabetic.She drinks a 24 pack of coca cola a day.I got my Bipolar Disorder from her side (every one of her 6 siblings has it and my sister has it as well).

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    That's rough buddy. Not sure what to say my life wasn't so harsh but remember we're here for you. We will listen.

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    I hope you are seeing a counselor. No one should have to deal with all of that on their own. All colleges and universities have them. As for your mother, my wife is diabetic and on dialysis. You can continue living, but she should be drinking diet soda. That's not a hard choice to make. She also should be drinking the clear colored sodas. The kidneys have trouble removing the dye.

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    I don't understand how the state could have put you into a state home rather than with your grandparents initially. The whole predicament you went through in life is mind-boggling. At this point its amazing you're still alive and personally I'm glad you made it. Do you think the experience made you stronger or more mentally scarred?

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    Please go seek counselling. It was only once I was in counselling that I was truly able to deal with the emotional abuse I suffered for years at the hands of my mother and stepfather. To show just how bad the emotional abuse got with them, when I was trying to get my mother to back down off me at 35 years old, mom told me she was, "sorry [she] ever gave birth to me."

    I still have issues with that to this day, though I have worked through most of it. While the scars are not physical, they are just as real. Only through counselling have I been able to reach inner peace.

    At the same time, I do not argue your desire or fault you for pushing yourself through school to spite everyone else who tried to hold you down. I did the same thing, and feel I am a stronger person for it overall. Those in my life who honestly love me and care for me are nothing but proud. They know I have bladder problems (they run in our family as well) but I never hear about it.

    Again, talk to a counselor. This is not to find forgiveness for some of these nasty people in your life. Some of the things done just cannot be forgiven. This is just to make sure you can achieve the inner peace they denied you. This is just another way of showing these assholes how much better you are than they thought.

    I wish you luck. Enjoy your diapers and panties (I know I spent enough time doing the same thing myself)!

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