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Thread: Hello everyone. 8D

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    Default Hello everyone. 8D

    Hi everyone.

    I made an account on this forum because I am a teen baby/diaper lover. It's great that this community exists on the internet because I have no way to contact other infantilists in real life. I am not a legal adult yet, so I live with my parents, and my family is religious in the strict, closed-minded, self-righteous way (but I am not dissing religion that is not closed-minded and hateful). If they found out about my infantilism, my bisexuality, or my other sexual uniquenesses, they would surely keel over with the terror of it all. BUT, I am going to attend college soon, so I will definately have much more freedom to be myself and find other people like me. Until then, I can consort with people on the internet who are similar to me and who won't shun me.

    My non-infantilist interests involve reading, music, art, plants, languages, and philosophy. I love animals, and I adopted a couple of bearded dragons a few months ago. They're so adorable!

    Well, I look forward to meeting some of my fellow infantilists. This forum looks like it will be lots of fun.

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    So what languages do you speak? I am literate in English (native) and Arabic (non-native, but at one time was native level.) I also speak some Spanish and can understand some Scandinavian languages.

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    I am a native English speaker, and I am fluent in Spanish. I know some French and a little bit of Latin. But I will definately learn more when I go to college. I hope I can learn at least Arabic, Chineese, and Italian.

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    Cool, I speak a couple of languages myself, and I'm a musician as well.

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