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Thread: Guide To Hiding Diapers

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    Default Guide To Hiding Diapers

    Ok well, Ill get the ball rolling with whatever information I can provide, but ofcourse feel free to throw some of your own mind money into the kitty of knowledge.

    My experience came from me living with siblings (in the same room as my three older brothers) so I've had alot of practice hiding stuff. lets start with the little things, that are easy to hide, for example, dummies (pacifiers)

    I hid my dummies in a few different places over the course of my room and its many rearrangings, the first place I hid them was in a hollowed out dictionary. See my brothers didn't do alot of reading, neither did I at that stage but all our books were kept on a solitary bookshelf, and never touched. the thickest two books were a dictionary, and my copy of 'The complete short stories by edgar allan poe', considering I actually READ that book, I didnt want to cut it up, and Id already read the dictionary (I was a bored child) so I decided to hollow it out. I easily fit two dummies in there, and could probably have fit more.

    If you dont have a bookshelf, or a hollow book that can be considered inconspicuous, the best thing (which is where I moved my dummies to when the bookshelf was removed) is to have a box or 'special things' that would be totally un interesting to the others, out letters and post cards and bits of old stones in it or twigs or something, and make sure you get it out filled with that stuff enough times for your siblings to see there is nothing interesting in it, its best to get a box deep enough for a fake bottom to be put in, but that would be an extreme I think. after theyve gotten used to it, put it somewhere out of the way and leave it alone for a while, then you can use it to store your dummies and other trinkets, and they'd hopefully not be interested enough to search through it (or atleast, mine wern't.)

    Next ofcourse, is nappies (diapers). now these are alot trickier becuase your usually hiding more than one, and they are bigger, much bigger, than a simple dummy. I had a few inventive places to hide them, but to be honest my brothers were so wrapped up in thier own stuff they didn't really bother me much. The first place was an old camping bag that was in "Storage" whenever we wern't camping, by storage I mean on a high shelf in the bedroom, out of the way. the nappies were stored at the very botton beneathe some old shorts. This was good because as there were four of us, we each had a large camping bag (being avid campers,) and there was no reason for them to look in mine. The only problem with that was I had to move them whenever we went camping, and Id have to do it long before we started packing so that I could pack infront of them freely, ofcourse I packed my own bags so I didnt even need to mvoe em (I just didnt wanna chance taking nappies on a camping trip with me, although in hindsight it probably would have been fun!) another great space was in a large cupboard that was high up above the wardrobe, this normally stored bedding and (as my brothers and I rarely changed our sheets) was rarely opened. this may not work for you if you DO change your sheets, but one time I DID hide the nappies behind a pile of book on a shelf that was too high to see the back of, they were well hidden behind stacks of books and old games.

    And the last place I hid them was a large bedding chest filled with my mums materials (she liked to dabble in textiles), that was risky, sespecially one time when she was showing a friend of hers some of the fabrics shes collected and I had to dash to the chest before they got there, luckily I kept my nappies in a carrier bag, so hopefully they didnt see anything!

    But I cannot stress the importance of cleaning my OWN room, I suppose if your an only child your mum or dad would be more inclined to enter your room to get washing or do a bit of sorting out, but if I were you and serious about hiding nappies and not getting caught, Id think about telling your parents you want to start cleaning your own room, for a bit of indipendance or something.

    I've heard of nappies being stored in floor boards, behind the fake walls of cuboards, inside matresses, in a loose vent shaft, boy the list is endless, alot of the time though, something will go wrong, no matter how good your hiding place is, so Id get some emergancy procedures thought up, either alternative places to hide your stash, or a very good excuse.

    Good luck!

    PS: I apologise for spelling errors, leptop keyboards still screw me up!

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    if you hide them in a place noone usually goes there will be dust, if you disturb that area often to get a diapee, you will move the dust, leave hand prints etc. this can gice you away pretty quick.

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    Not bad, but just out of curiosity, where do you hide used diapers, if any at all?

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    Simple solution, make everyone believe you HATE dust, and keep everywhere in your room dust free, uncluding all those little 'nook and crannies' or alternatively try to find somewhere were the dust is less ocnspicuous, or where dust doesnt settle at all! (ie: amongst cloth, at the back of an untouched drawer.) The best idea is to have as many little storage spaces as possible, the more storage spaces you have, the longer a space can go undisturbed by others.

    My used nappies always went either streight into the outside bin (Hidden under atleast two other trash bags) or in a large black bag hidden amongst some old clothes kept on a high up shelf. Id usually get rid of them streight away, but if I cant for some reaosn, I wouldnt leave them to fester longer than a day or two , they usually never made a smell because I would only wet them.

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    I have some small boxes under my bed, behind all my disco gear, where i'd keep my diapers - knowing my parents would never look under my bed for any reason.
    The day i got surround sound in my room, my dad pulled my bed from the wall to get in to install the rear speakers. I saved my own ass by quickly jumping in to put them up myself, and stood beside the box where he wouldn't see them past me.
    So now they're in a box under lots and lots of stuffed animals on the top shelf of my cupboard - where noone ever goes... i think? o.O

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    I recommend hiding them not in your room, however for people with non nosy parents, or with any parents for that matter, your advice is very good.

    in a box under lots and lots of stuffed animals on the top shelf of my cupboard - where noone ever goes... i think? o.O
    I might hide mine in a thing of stuffed animals, but I think I might change that to random old Backpacks in the same room, I'll use both so I can have a backup stash.

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    Under the bed is the most common place for most DL's, I think...and parents would dream of looking under beds...unless they were trying to FIND something...


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    i used my desk's file drawer to hide my diapers. It was a little limited in space, but it worked for 3 years, no problems. Just moved all my files foward and used the space behind the files to hide em. All the files were filled with school related papers so no worries that someone would go looking in there!

    Now im at college, i just use my clothes drawers to hide all my stuff (diapers, AB stuff). I dont need to worry about my roomate because we each signed contracts that forbid us to go into each others stuff without explicit permission. We also arn't allowed to share clothes (doesnt matter to me, im much taller than my roomate ) He works as EMT some nights to 7 the next day leaving me to play

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    In a box on the top shelf of my closet, in the box my Powerbook came in. I used to keep them under the bottom drawer of my dresser, but the back is open for the bottom 2 inches. My cat knows this, and there would days when I would find diapers poking out from behind the dresser...

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    Ah, this is something i havnt experienced for many, many years, having to hide my nappies, i was an idiot because i always hid them in the same place, even after my dad found them, yes i got caught and it didnt go down to well, i got such a beating and he threw them in the bin, of course i went to get them back later! another time he found them, in the same place!!! he didnt say anything when i got home from school so i didnt know he found them, until i went into my bedroom and found nappies shredded up all over the floor, i guess he thought i wont be able to get these ones back, and he was right! they sure made a mess over the floor and i had to clean it all up whilst he stood watching me, then i got a beating, horrible times they were, anyway where i used to hide them was if i removed the bottom drawer from my set of draws there was quite a large space underneath, and thats where they went, i also hid some in my bed (it was one of those beds with storage space inside) used ones went in a old ice cream tub ubtil i could safetly sneak them out!

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