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Thread: Time for my introduction

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    Default Time for my introduction

    I don't know how I found the website.. I was just looking for more AB stories and I followed a link

    I'm a mid 30's guy who had little interest in the AB lifestyle until after college, when I found it a way to relieve stress. I like a little bondage as well, but enjoying wearing a footed sleeper more than ropes or other stuff. I am shy about my lifestyle, but I love fantasy novels and sports. I will debate anyone how Lord of the Rings could be improved (it can't) and whether LeBron James did the right thing... (NOT!)

    I hope my conversation will improve the community and lessen my focus on the stories.

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    Hahaha welcome fellow Canuck...! I'm a Vancouver dude living in London, UK. There's a bunch of Albertan AB's out there!

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