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Thread: FFXII: fight a boss for half an hour straight, get instakilled, start all over, and again

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    Default FFXII: fight a boss for half an hour straight, get instakilled, start all over, and again

    so, been playing FFXIII. im at the chapter nine boss. sort of spoiler, if you donít remember, or havenít played:

    basically, after 4 tries, ( and 15 separate minutes worth of quick deaths) I get to the "second half" by destroying his amour.

    20 minutes later

    He charges his laser, In desperation, I try to stop him, but there is no use. he still has 2.1 million hit points left.

    he laser fires. I die.

    Game over.

    The end.

    You get nothing.

    No checkpoints.

    Please fight for another 20 minutes, if you can get that far again.

    WTFF!!! D:

    I mean, this thing is, by all standards, far more difficult and epic then any final boss

    And im hardly 60% done with the game!!

    if only the new combat system didnít suck, and I could give my teammates more then a vague idea of what I want them to do...

    Anyway, anyone know what I mean, Spending that length of time on something, and then starting over is more bull then it is challenge.

    or better yet, do any FF fans have any tips?
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    Hate to be a grammar nazi, but you're missing an "I".

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    I would expect a few more errors, considering I posted a realy long rage post, and forgot to spellcheck it.

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    Meh, that one was just the most obvious to me, (and prob. the most important since the two games are completely different) What was the death attack he got you with? was it Destructo or something? I suggest healing up your party to max health then immediately start beating on him the moment you're done. Don't know if the idea is full proof, but I think it might help.

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    Stupid roman numerals.

    anyway, yea. destruco.

    I end up useing a phenoix down every time he does that (Damn hope and his low HP)
    (I also need to buy about 20 of those, becuase I only had 4, and when I ran out was screwed)
    So, I guess ill switch to "Agression" (Com, Com, Rav) once they are all full on hp?

    I wanted to do that too, another reason you should be able to add/change tactics, or better yet


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    I think I heard that you can stop the attack if he gets wacked enough, but I can't confirm it. Besides, I think it's better to take the opportunity to heal up a bit first anyway.

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    I think you're talking about FFXIII that's the only one I've played but that one that has the Fal'cie and the pope in it. Anyway I'm on chapter 8 right now playing as Sazh and that other chick who's name almost looks like vanilla XD. Anyway, What I normally do is use relentless assault (two Commandos and a ravager) until someone gets hurt and then I switch to the one that has one commando one sentinel and one medic. That way all the enemies will be attacking the sentinel and the medic will be healing them wile the commando attacks. Once everyone is back in the green I switch back to Relentless assault and work to stagger them. Rinse, lather, repeat. If you only have two allies then Id suggest using Libra to find their weakness quickly then use Duel-casting (Both people ravagers) until health is low then switch to one that has a Medic and either a Commando, ravager or a Sentinel (I'd go with sentinel, that way the healer wont be taking damage wile the sentinel takes all the hits wile using safeguard so that enough damage isn't dealt to kill them.) If that didn't make any scene then that probably means that I was wrong and its not FFXIII either way, hopefully you can use this strategy effectively in your situation. Good luck

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    Quote Originally Posted by Claw View Post
    So, I guess ill switch to "Agression" (Com, Com, Rav) once they are all full on hp?
    Won't work, you need to build your stagger as high as possible before you switch to commando. You can't do damage fast enough with commandos until he's staggered. So go all ravager until he's staggered, then keep going until you hit like 600 or 700%, then go to commando for max damage. The higher the stagger percentage, the higher the damage bonus.

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    Yes he is talking about FFXIII, I know the boss in particular somewhat. (apparently very difficult for a main game boss) Unfortunately I can't give firsthand experience b/c I don't have the game.

    Oh, I just thought of something! Who is in your battle party?

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    its inane. anyway, Ill try komodos advice as well, and add Tri-disaster to my list, see if that helps me do enough damage to stop/weaken the "Uber Death Laazzor"

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