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Thread: band camp?

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    Default band camp?

    so...for anyone that's been to band camp, let's hear about experiences
    also, while we're at it, what're some good pranks? (hehe)

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    I went to band camp the year before my senior year. It turned out to be a total waste, because it was the fun that I had at band camp (enjoying music!) that made me realize I really despised my school's band director, and so I quit band before school started that year. :P

    It was fun, hot, really hot, very, very hot. We were marching outside about 6-7hours a day, followed by indoor practice, but at night we were all running wild on a college campus and having a great time. I don't remember any pranks, but I did meet and have something resembling a fling (very innocent) with a guy there. We exchanged phone numbers and addresses, promised to write, and of course immediately forgot each other as soon as we left.

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    One time, at band camp...

    Jeez, I've only been to basketball and baseball camp. Best story I have is I only won socks in the mini draws we did at baseball camp where you could only win one prize and everyone got something. Strange turn of events, the final draw has everyone's names put back in for a final prize. $130 shoes. Matched the socks perfectly. (It was a mail in voucher since the chances of them guessing the right size for the shoes at that time would be impossible. Also, I have abnormally small feet.)

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    lol our band director last year was pretty intense. my freshman year, we marched basics @ 7am, and quit around 10pm. we only did about 1 hr inside for music each day, and 1hr breakfast, lunch, and dinner breaks. also, one girl tripped and hit her head and later asked if it was snowing. o.O she could've had a concussion, but we kept turned out to be nothing, and she was fine, but....sersly

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    lol I have many band stories. I'm not all that interested in playing music as a career but I've been playing since middle school just for fun. Yea I like playing the music but I also came from crappy music schools. Still it's still something to do and I've made a lot of friends through it. Let's see what's fun to do? One time we stuffed this cool newbie in a trashcan during camp. It was fun ad he was cool with it. Until college band I haven't done anything that crazy. Try learning some catchy song on your own and surprise everyone with it. Dress up weird and march around like normal. I wore a ninja mask once. Most of the fun of band is usually had socializing. At least it was for me. Avoid only socializing with only your section. Have fun!

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    Hm. Well I did band for just about ten years straight of school, not counting early elementary, as that was mostly sectional. Each of those years had a band camp. Loved em all, even when I didn't like the directors, which was for all of High School.

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    I had small expereances at my band camp. It was kind of a rutine so there wasn't much else. But when we had the lock in, we had the worst wake up call ever. The band director and one of our bassline played music from our show. And then he turned all the heat lamps on at once blinding us all. But boy was it fun.

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    wakeup calls....lmao...
    our sax section leader has a solo at the beginning of the show, where he does INSANE runs up and down, ending on this note thats like 5 or 6 ledgers ABOVE the, him and some other people are gonna use that note for the wakeup 7 am lol!!!!! this year's gonna be fun....
    btw, look up our band. we're pretty dang good, if i do say so myself

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    lol we had some crazy stuff happen at band camp. Probably most memorable was my junior and senior years.

    I had to transfer schools before junior year, so i ended up at band camp. Did the usual things, shaving cream on the freshman, duct taping people to their beds, waking people up every hour, the usual. There was a kinky part where freshman had to make made up "love letters" to the seniors. They got a lot of influence from sophmores and juniors who knew seniors best. It apparently started as a clean prank, but as the years rolled on they got more and more dirty to add to the fun of things. Stuff like "i'd like to stick my flag pole up your *********" or "i'll blow on your sax any day." you get the idea. This was all happening unknown to the knowledge of parents, but the band directors knew about it. We got away with it because we always had camp off at a boy scout camp ground that we rented for a week.

    During my senior year due to budget cuts we had to have camp at the school. We couldn't pull off all our normal pranks, but the love letter tradition was carried over, and that's where the trouble began. One of the freshman had written one up and left it out on their kitchen counter. Well her mother found it, and not surprisingly disgusted. We didn't find out about it until AFTER band camp and by then it was too late. Both the directors were dismissed, one lost their job at the school the other left on his own. We had to hire new staff and create 2/3rds of the show on our own. Was not our best performance but we managed to survive the rest of the year. So yea, that's our story

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