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Thread: need some help choosing for the first time

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    Question need some help choosing for the first time

    Okay, I allready decided that I'm going to buy my first pack of diapers. the first problem is that I'm not sure what to buy, pull-ups or diaper, which ones feel greater? i have 31 size waist and weight about 66 kg. the brands that i can easily get on the supermarket are: pull-ups, goodnites, attends, tena, and pretty much all of the babY brands. please help! I would like to know the diferences between the pull-ups and diapers, things like. how comfortable they are?, how long they last with and without using, etc.

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    Decisions, decisions...I wouldn't worry about what you get too much. If you don't have access to the internet (which is a discreet way to get high quality diapers) then your best bet is to get a diaper that is going to fit what you want. When I first bought diapers I got the cheapest I could find (it was a clearance sale at Woolworth, $1 for 20, and I bought six packages) and they were just about useless. If you can get Attends/Tena they tend to be more absorbent than most of the commercial diapers. We have limited choices were I live so I get most of mine through the internet. If you go that route it really depends on what is available in your area. Most online retailers give special shipping for orders over a certain dollar amount. I've been in a living situation where I didn't want anyone knowing about my diapers (imagine that) so I got a PO box at the post office and had them shipped there. Not every retailer will ship to a PO box however so check on that before you try it out. Good luck with your purchase.

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    thx but hat i wanna know is yhe diferences between pull ups and diapers

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    Quote Originally Posted by aruiz View Post
    thx but hat i wanna know is yhe diferences between pull ups and diapers
    pull ups is like a pant. you are wearing it in the same way as with regular underwear. All-in-one diaper, use tape to get it to sit comfortably.

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    ok so should i get a pull up or a diaper for the first time?

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    I would go with a pull up first. They are easyer to use. But if you are more of an ab/tb then try the diapers. It all depends on what your diapers intrests are.

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    Quote Originally Posted by aruiz View Post
    ok so should i get a pull up or a diaper for the first time?
    it all depends on what you like

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    get the goodnites those were my first diaper product. you will like them

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    I would go with diapers. Most adult pull-ups are poorly designed and leak like crazy.

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    I'm with barkd74. Pullups are a poor substitue for diapers. Incontinent people choose them for the discretion and because they don't need the full coverage of a diaper. If you are worried about discretion then a pullup would be fine, especially if you don't intend on using it much, but if you want the assurance that you can wet and not leak, then a diaper is your best bet. There have been a couple of references to doing what you want. What is the experience you're after. For AB's it can be more about being babyish and wearing a baby diaper is closer to filling those needs. For DL's it is about wearing a diaper that you can enjoy the experience of using with some reasonable assurance that it isn't going to leak. I can wear an Abena to work and wet two to three times and feel comfortable that I'll make it to the bathroom to change before I have to worry about leaks. Best wishes for finding what you want.

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