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Thread: My introduction.

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    Wink My introduction.

    Hello, good people of ADISC. I'm iFail, and seem to have forgotten to write my introduction. Oh well

    I am a huge gaming nerd and love SEGA consoles and, of course, the Xbox 360. As my name suggests, I like Apple products as well (I'm typing this on an iPhone.) Outside of that, I enjoy mostly chilling out and whatever. I am very much an indoors person though, so yeah.

    I was potty trained a bit late and had been wetting the bed till about 10. Since then, I didn't understand it but I loved the comfort diapers give me. Researching it, I understand it now. I forget how I came across this site,maybe it was Google? Anyway, this site seems to have a lot of people similar to me, so I signed right up.

    Sorry I forgot to write my intro sooner :p. I'm now a Lurker cause of that .

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    Hey! Welcome to Adisc. You'll find a lot of gamers here, although I'm afraid I'm not one of them, although I do still have Rayman on the old Playstation original

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    Im definitely a gamer though!!

    and welcome

    right now im really into WoW and its really awesome (and just a little addicting) I havent played many games for 360 but I have played and love HALO <3

    hope you like it here

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    Hey thanks guys! I'm trying to keep away from WoW, mostly due to not having enough money for the monthly fee, not to mention that's it's known to be addicting

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    Welcome to ADISC! Smart choice on staying away from WoW. Don't let Blizzard lure you in!

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    WOOHOO! FELLOW GAMERS ASSEMBLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! It's very nice to meet you ifail (funny fact: I actually fail a lot sometimes :P) I though I have a PS3...I still hope we can be friends.

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    And welcome to ADISC.
    Props on not succumbing to WoW, you should spend money on something more useful...*coughdiaperscough* (I kid, I kid.)

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