My name is Eddie I am 32 years old and I am an AB just south of Boston, MA.

I now wear 24/7 and over the period of this last year have grown to enjoy wearing diapers on a daily basis. At first wearing nothing but diapers became a hinderance on occassion so I would randomly switch back and forth between diapers and underwear pending my mood. However after a fashion I thought of this as a form of cheating and threw all of my undies into the trash... yes thats right into the dumpster they went. Oh and I also made it a point to watch the trash truck drive away with them on that following sunday morning.

Not only did this really allow for the reality of what i was commiting to doing hit home but secondly it forced me to adapt to 24/7 wearing. Over the period of 2009 wearing 24/7 I can honestly say that I truly understand exactly what it is like to live the lifestyle of needing to wear daipers. When you have to wear & use diapers there are alot of other factors which come into play that I didnt forsee. Many of these factors I needed to learn the hard way such as the requirement of making time in your schedule to pack and haul a diaper bag everywhere you go including work, school, and visiting friends or going to family events.

I feel badly for those who are truly incontinent as they dont have a choice as to whether or not they should release their bladder at any specific time... as I do. For example, I know that if im at a family cookout and it is noontime and that the cookout does not end till 9pm that it probably isnt such a great idea to go into my diaper cause by 6pm or so the odor of urine will become quite powerful and I would need to break out my diaper bag and change myself without being noticed... which is extremely hard to do when over 90 people are sharing 1 bathroom (another lesson that I learned the hard way). So I'll be honest and say that sometimes I need to cheat by working my diaper in such a fashion that I can poke little charlie out the legging of my diaper and use the toilet instead...

Another factor which comes into play is the sudden need to change the fashionstyle of clothing to suit the bulkiness of the diapers you are wearing. Over half of my jeans I had to give away to charity cause I could only wear 1 or 2 attends underneath them instead of 3 and quite honestly you do not want to wear jeans over diapers on a daily basis anyways... unless you desire being uncomfortable. Loose fitting (elastic waist) athletic shorts and Tshirts that hung down below my thickly padded bumm had suddenly become the standard for summer wear. While my winter wear outfits changed to sweat pants and sweat shirts. If I ever needed to dress up dress slacks with a 32"waist which is 4" larger than the waist size of my body accompanied by sweaters that were one size larger than I am became the standard so that the sweaters would hang low enough to hide the bulkiness of the diapers underneath my slacks.

I have learned that the object of wearing 24/7 is to not attract unwanted attention to your diapers while yet maintaining a comfortable daily lifestyle at home, work and school.

Over this past year and a half I was pressed to also deal with an array of family and personal issues which forced me out of the Boston Baby Scene. I really needed to focus on these issues and deal with them before they escalated into nuclear explosion mushroom clouds. Now that I am in the right mind-frame to enjoy life I am ready to re-establish contact with the Boston babies group and enjoy their friendship in a way that I was never able to before.

For those who are unfamiliar with exactly who I am, I will provide a brief description of myself. I am white caucasian, male, 5'10", I have a toned swimmers build, I am relatively smooth and keep myself well trimmed. I still look 10 years younger than my age and many people think I look like Harry Potter. I have brown hair/eyes & my horoscope sign is Taurus. I am gay and I have a friendly & outgoing personality which reflects upon the boyish charm of the little kid which still resides inside of me.

I have been an AB for all of my adult years, A TB for all of my teen years, and I was kept in diapers for most of my childhood by my overly protective mother. I enjoy every aspect of being treated like a baby/toddler by either a by a daddy, or even a big bro. Ive tried almost everything and fully enjoyed it all. I absolutely love being a bad boy but I also enjoy being a good boy as well.

When I have to be an adult I function as one quite successfully. I have finally obtained my associates degree in psychology and am currently interning at a nearby private mental hospital within their adolescent inpatient ward. "YES" there are quite a few children wearing diapers for bedwetting there... I just figured I would answer that question before it was repeatedly asked as I expect to hear it alot. Many of these children are forced to wear them and these experiences must be traumitizing so I will absolutely refuse to get into the details.... please dont ask.

I am certainly looking to establish new friends as well as re-establish the friendships that I have already established before. I am also willing to answer any questions which anyone would have to ask me after reading my introduction. I am excited to once again be apart of the diaper scene and look forward to experiencing a lifetime of making many more friends within the diaper scene. Heres to hearing back from ya

Baby Eddie

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