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Thread: Ever had one of those days?

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    Question Ever had one of those days?

    I wrote this up over the weekend... chronicleing our trip to the zoo.

    I was going to put it in the stories section... but since it is a true tale I don't know if it belongs there or not.


    Ever have one of those days where you were glad that you wear diapers?

    I sure did on Friday.

    As many of you probably know... LuvsGurl & I made a trip to the NC Zoo, which is about a 90 minute drive north east of Charlotte. We stopped in at Bojangles on the way out of town to get some good ol' greasy biscuits and fries for breakfast. The rest of the trip out was pretty uneventful... just normal interstate traffic.

    When we got to the Zoo... the real fun began. The cashier at the ticket counter informed us that there had been a water main break in the African animals section... and that all restrooms, drinking fountains, and shops on that side of the park were closed. We would have to, in her words, "take care of anything" before we headed over that way. How fortunate for us. LuvsGurl & I both chuckled at this... we were wearing our pottys... and didn't plan on making a restroom stop at all. We had brought a few bottles of water and some clean diapers with us, just incase.

    The first part of the zoo is devoted to North American animals. Sea Lions & Arctic birds, Polar Bear, Foxes, Bobcats, various species of deer, Bison, etc. Stuff we had all seen before... and none of it spectacularly interesting. After this we proceeded on to the desert animal exhibit, which is inside a large domed structure that is climate controlled at about 85 degrees and 10% humidity. Very hot and dry. We saw a number of lizards and tortises (my favorite) along with several species of birds. There was a tiny humming bird in a new exhibit that was particularly fun to watch. It buzzed about here and there, then came to rest on a branch by the front glass, enabling us to get a number of pictures. There were also many different species of poisionus snakes on display... all quite large and dangerous looking. Coming back outside into the cooler 75 degree sunshine was a welcome change. LuvsGurl & I both quickly downed a bottle of water and continued our hike.

    After wearing 24/7 for over a month now my system is pretty direct. Any time I drink something I end up wet 10-15 minutes later. Being outside walking around only added to that effect. It wasn't a big flood or anything... actually it felt pretty good. We proceeded onwards into the African area of the park, and passed by several groups of parents with young children who were heading back in search of functioning restrooms. I guess they should have listened to the zoo staff more carefully.

    The African section was kind-of a dissapointment. A number of the exhibits were either under repair or were closed b/c of the water problem. We did get to see some Baboons, Chimps, & Lions up close. There was a overlook area down onto the zoo's main field where we saw a few Antelope, Ostriches, & Elephants in the distance. The Giraffe & Zebra exhibits were closed... too bad. We had been there about two hours, & had seen most of what we could, so we decided to head back. We walked back to a outpost area with restaurants and shoppes to rest for a few minutes. I bought us a frozen lemonade which though overpriced was quite good. We then hopped on the tram for a quick ride back to the zoo entrance. I wet again on the way out to the car, so my diaper was about half full by this time.

    After departing the zoo we decided to stop in the nearby town for some lunch. We ate at Chillis, which is a pretty good place to go. Instead of my usual fajitas I got a chicken ceasar salad, which was ultimately a bad idea. The food was excellent, and our waitress kept refilling our glasses of tea, which I felt obliged to keep drinking. I think I had 4 glasses of it by the time our meal was over. We paid and got back on the road. Our GPS navigation system found us a supposedly quicker way back to Charlotte, so we followed. It put us on a 2-lane state highway that ran out through the country. Less traffic, but also rougher roads and few places to stop. Things were going fine until about 45 minutes into the ride... when my tummy started cramping up.

    Now let me take a moment and explain a few things about LuvsGurl's little car. It is a Suzuki X-90. An oddity of an automobile that looks like a cross between a Mazda roadster and a small SUV. Two seater... t-tops... 4-cylinder engine... high off-road stance... trunk with a swoopy wing... painted bright purple. It's the same size as a Mini Cooper... itty bitty. We jokingly refer to it as an overgrown golfcart. The advantage of this car is exceptional fuel mileage... about 40MPG if you aren't pushing it too hard. The downside of such a small vehicle is a very bumpy ride over harsh roads... which combined with the 4 glasses of tea and the salad wasn't helping matters down there.

    I figured I would be ok... as the prospect of finding a place to stop and take care of this on a back-country road wasn't too bright. I squeezed it in and held on for about 15 minutes. By this time the cramps were coming in waves and I just had to do something about it. No gas stations or restrooms nearby, so my diaper would have to suffice in this emergency. I have been able to wet while behind the wheel a few times before... but getting over the mental block and deciding to actually mess my diaper while driving took a little preparation. I had read stories about people in similar situations... and knew from the feeling in my gut that I was about to be in a very sticky situation. Finally my bowels decided the matter for me... my brain screaming at me the whole time.

    I will spare the details but we'll suffice to say it was not at all plesant. Thankfully my diaper contained the mess and my tummy felt a bit better... though my back side did not. I appologised to LuvsGurl for any smell... and thankfully she was sympathetic & didn't laugh at my situation too much. It was about another 20 minutes until we hit town... and I needed to go again. LuvsGurl suggested that we stop at a gas station somewhere, but I knew that nothing short of jumping in the shower would clean me off now. We were only about 10 miles from home and I tried oh so hard to wait. But having done it once already I guess I was over the mental block... b/c I found myself doing it again as we turned the corner into our apartment complex. By this point it smelled pretty rotten, thankfully we had the windows down. I was just glad to be home.

    I was pretty embarassed about the whole thing. But LuvsGurl was very understanding, as aparently she was in a similar situation but since she hadn't had a salad for lunch was able to hang on till we got home. I will say that is the most disgusting thing I've ever done... but looking back on it now once I got past the first 5 minutes it wasn't all that horrible. My diaper managed to contain the whole mess... so there is one good point to these Tenas anyways.

    After the whole ordeal... I'm glad I was diapered. It would have been a heck of a lot worse had I not been.

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    I've only ever been diapered once whilst out, and it was to prove a point to a friend. Conveniantly, in the same manner, I ended up needing the toilet too and all the bathrooms of the shopping complex I was in were closed for cleaning. (WHY have them all being cleaned at once? I don't know.) My pull-up was good for one wetting before anything else. Wasn't the comfiest walk ever, but it was also my first outdoor diaper...So, I was greatful, but I was totally unsure of how my body was responding, the fact I have a shy bladder also made it alot more difficult.

    Lucky for you on your end, glad I wasn't in your position though.

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    Pheww *holds nose* I'm glad you had your diaper, or you would have stained LuvsGirl's driver's seat (or left a smelly pile by the side of the road).
    Diapers are always a good idea for going places where lots of people hang out and where only a limited number of rest rooms are available - zoos, parks, amusement parks, shopping malls etc. I've done all that before (wearing to Zoo, parks, amusement parks and shopping malls), and I regularly wear in public when I go visit other cities and don't want to spend time and money on finding a restroom.

    However, I've never had a situation where I actually needed my diaper, and most certainly not for going #2. So far, I've always managed to reach a toilet in time for the 'big business'. But then, I rarely use my car, and I really don't want to stand up and apologize to all the people on a bus/train for the smell! I doubt they'd be as understanding as LuvsGirl!


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    I'm pretty sure my oldest son and his family have been to that zoo, and the very young children got that narvo virus. Fortunately the made it home to Virginia before they all got sick, though everyone forgives the accidents of little ones. Not so for me last year when I was playing a gig in a local bar with the band, and I wasn't feeling well. I had decided to wear my white pants, and of course, just underwear. Well, as the gig wore on, things were working through my stomach. As I played I kept thinking, just a little longer, you can get through this. I got to the end of the gig, hours later without incident, but now I have to pack up all of my equipment, which means a lot of bending over and carrying. Yes, as I'm doing this, I can feel it coming. I'm almost home free, and then things start moving, and I can feel some wetness to the backside. Now I'm carrying things in front and covering my rear as I move stuff to the vehicle. I get the hell on out as soon as possible, go home, move the equipment into the house, and then start washing out my underwear and using Shout on the white pants. Man was I mad. This Wednesday we play the same bar, and my wife and many friends are coming, and so I'm wondering, should I go protected this time.

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    Unhappy A similar experience!

    Wow, quite the topic starter, Darkfinn! Thankfully, Luvsgirl is very understanding!

    To answer your question; yes, I have had similar moments.

    Several years ago, I drove 1500 miles alone to visit family for Thanksgiving. During my stay, I was exposed to several people that had the flu and was very thankful during my stay that my health was not affected.

    However, the trip back home was horrible. The first morning, I got a late start and needed to make up some time. Halfway through the first day of driving, flu symptoms started to ruin my trip. Nausea showed up first; then, the stomach started turning. The last symptoms appeared just before the next rest area. I was very relived that a diaper had me covered. It took about 20 minutes at the rest area to get cleaned up and settle down my stomach and bowels enough to attempt to drive further. My next stop was going to be the first pharmacy I came across.

    It happened to be a Wal-mart just off the interstate. Armed with Peptobismo tablets, Tylenol, and Pedia-lite, I had hoped to continue further down the road. After only having driven another hour, misery ended further travel and forced me to get a motel for the night. Never has a motel bed felt so good to me. The following morning, I was as well rested as possible, given the circumstance, but still had about 1200 miles and 2 days to go.

    For most of the second day, the flu symptoms continued to hinder progress. Travelling only about 500 miles that day was a disappointment. By the third morning, all that remained was nausea and 700 miles. Upon safely arriving at home late that night, I breathed a deep sigh of relief.

    I look forward to reading other examples.

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    Haha "85 degrees... Very hot and dry" I'm not comfortable unless it's 90! : P I actually work at Chili's, so it's good to hear you enjoyed it. Bummer about messing in the car though, that sucks.

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    I have never been padded enough to come across a moment where I was particularly glad about it, but I have had some times where I wished I had a diaper.

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