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Thread: *B Clothes

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    Default *B Clothes

    So what outfit do you like the most?

    Personally, my favourite are sleepers. They are so cute and fluffy looking. ^_^ I really need to get some. Maybe blue and green with dinosaurs. Oh, and with a tail and ears! ^_^ I'm getting way too excited considering I'm poor. >_>

    Anyway, what's your favourite *B related clothing?

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    Although I do want a romper!

    I have a lovely white sleeper from cosyndry, can't wait until winter so I can wear it again.

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    I have a sleeper and enjoy it. I want to get my hands on a onesie but I find it hard to justify spending so much on a glorified t-shirt.

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    i want a sleeper so bad(basicly the kind you said zephy but with red and black checkers) but living in florida(the SUNshine state) doesnt help much :'( maybe when i move to canada but for now its just a t-shirt with diaper

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    Kodona/Dandy/Ouji-Sama clothing. <3

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    The pics of the All In One Company sleeper posted in Loopy's review made me want one so bad that I think I could stomach the cost. The colors and prints remind me of one I had as a kid.

    The fact that I could add ears and a tail makes it even more awesome. I'm in Florida as well, so I would really have to crank up the A/C to be able to wear it.

    I know many of you probably equate being seen in one with being made fun of, but that thing would TOTALLY get you laid in a college coed dorm.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Error404 View Post
    Kodona/Dandy/Ouji-Sama clothing. <3
    Uh... what? O_o

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zephiel View Post
    Uh... what? O_o
    Kodona - "Child-Adult" clothing.
    Dandy - Fancy clothing aimed at younger ages.
    Ouji-Sama - Young style clothing aimed at royalty ("Little prince")

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    Quote Originally Posted by Error404 View Post
    Ouji-Sama - Young style clothing aimed at royalty ("Little prince")
    ...must see O_o

    *Off to Google*

    EDIT: Google results suck >.<

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