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Thread: Hello, Daddy here...

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    Default Hello, Daddy here...

    Hi im Tony. Im a daddy / Dom from the NW.

    I got into the scene through my ex GF, and was hooked ever since.

    I have done alot, and seen alot through the fetish scene so am always willing to give advice.

    Im currently seeing an AB, and its going very well.

    Im into Cinema in a big way, Studied art and specialised in Film. And so really into art too! Im a musician (drums /bass /guitar)
    Play roleplay/war games too. Im a bit of a nerd I suppose. Like alot of different bands, mainly rock/metal etc. hmmm not sure what else I can write at the moment. Im tired lol xx any Q's go ahead!

    Daddy Tony x
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    Hi there, welcome to Adisc! We do have a lot of teens on our site so you might want to remove the part in your post that says about showing people pictures.

    Also, we're a comunity here so we like to get to know our new members really well. Do you have any interests outside your fetish? (I bet you do )

    Welcome again

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    Hey, welcome to the site. Used to live up in lancashire :P. Mind telling us a little bit about your self other interests and the like, and not just the fetish stuff? (If you're here we kinda know you like the lifestyle :P).
    I wouldn't be so keen to be offering pics and that until you're better know. Can seem a little creepy, which we try to avoid :X :P.

    Edit: Damn you Talula! Beating me to the mark!

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    Some questions for you:

    What's your favourite band of all time then?
    What do you prefer playing? Drum, bass, guitar, something else?
    If you could spend an entire day with a celebrity, who would it be and why? And what would you do with them?

    Welcome to the site.

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    My favourite band are probably Biffy Clyro atm, but of ALL time, hmmm .... KoRn

    Prefer playing bass, its way cooler.

    Celebrity, gotta be Sigourney weaver, Cos I love 'Alien' and shes awesome .

    Thanks for the welcome guys x

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    Wait, an actual Daddy Dom? o.o I've never seen one on ADISC...

    Welcome. =)

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    I'm a daddy dom! kinda.... maybe. :S

    Cools you's into cinema, I don't get to watch as many films as I wished :P. Do you actually work in the field?
    I'm also a bit of 40k fan, but more into the books set in the universe ( <3 Gaunt's Ghosts :X)

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    Quote Originally Posted by DaddyTony View Post
    but of ALL time, hmmm .... KoRn

    Thanks for the welcome guys x
    woo hoo!! KoRn ftw !!*high fives
    also welcome to adisc and ya like person somewhere above msaid not that many daddys here so cool

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    Cheers, hope you find the forum fun and interesting.

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