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Thread: Hello, I'm a unicorn

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    Default Hello, I'm a unicorn

    At least, that's what other AB/DLs have told me. I've been told I'm as rare as a unicorn.

    I am a married mother of four as well as a mother figure to many, and yet I crave nurturing myself. I have a spirit that is youthful, to word it lightly.

    I ageplay in private. My husband is Dada. I have quite a love for the luxuries of being a little girl, luxuries I missed out on when I was a biological little girl. I can cause myself to regress in mental age quickly and I am quite a baby when in the mood.

    Pregnancy left me incontinent, so I am permanently in diapers. I don't mind at all and usually enjoy it, except that I cannot swim because of this.

    I'm not sure if I can say that the adult me loves living itself. She does, but she's got a strong inner child that tends to make many of her active decisions.

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    Welcome to ADISC Grapes! Very cool that you are a mom of four; you don't see that a lot around here. What other things do you like to do, like hobbies and such?

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    I'm basically an explorer of life itself. For example, this month, my niece (technically second cousin) and her friends decided to enter a cattle show, so I helped out at the cattle show and attended a fair in the process. I enjoy biking, camping, cartoons, hiking, rock climbing, writing songs and stories and long annoying thoughts on my opinions, and I'm attempting to place in some kind of running event soon. My age/gender group is retiring from sports in general, ergo, I have a chance at placing somewhere now. I'm also the type of American who can't stand fast food and instead finds every little ethnic restaurant around. Whatever strikes my fancy is what I'm interested in, to sum it up.

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    Wow that's pretty interesting. My Fiancee will be a unicorn as well then. XD Hopefully without the incontinence part, that will be tough.... She feels a diaper on her nether regions next thing ya know she's clingy and calling me dada.... So yeah that'd be interesting. Anyway Welcome to Adisc. ^^ It's nice to see someone with an interesting story.

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    Welcome to ADISC, Grapes! (My favorite small multicolored fruit!)

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    Welcome to the community, Grapes!

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    Thank you all for the welcomes!

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    Welcome to the forum! You sound like you've got a very interesting life .

    Just watch out for Grapey... he might get a bit jealous... :P

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    Who's Grapey, a member with a similar name?

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