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  • They're fun - I leave them turned ON

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  • I couldn't care less, and just use the default setting (ON)

    19 46.34%
  • I dislike them, but don't want to miss anything interesting so I leave them ON

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  • I can't stand them and turn them OFF

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Thread: Forum signatures - love 'em or hate 'em?

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    Question Forum signatures - love 'em or hate 'em?

    There have been a couple of threads recently that refer to signatures in forum posts. Descolada couldn't wait until he was no longer considered a "newbie" so he could have a signature (hope you don't mind me bringing that up, Descolada!) and I read a few other posts that said something like, "Duh! I was only joking - didn't you read my signature?!"

    Personally I can't stand signatures, and turning them off is the first thing I do when signing up to any forum. They're full of annoying animated emoticons, and even if "There are 10 types of people: those who understand binary and those who don't" was funny the first time I saw it, it reaaaaallly isn't funny the 256th time.

    So... I just wondered what other people thought about them. Do you have signatures turned on? Do they offer you an insight into other people's personalities even if you don't like them?

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    I like them, personally. I keep my signature pretty plain and boring, and most other people just have a quote or something written about themselves. I don't like them when there isn't a decent size limit, and people put flashy annoying graphics on them, but here at Adisc they have to be pretty small, and people don't put annoying graphics (is there a rule against it?) so I'm happy

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    Quote Originally Posted by Talula View Post
    I like them, personally.
    I reckon most people do... but I was just curious to see if I'm the only grumpy scroodge who turns them off!

    Oooh! You replied so quickly that I hadn't set up the poll! Wanna come back and vote? :-)

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    Your wording is a little too emphatic but the result is the same. I turn them off. I see enough things repeated over and over again from each poster.

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    Ok, I voted for 'I couldn't care less'. I didn't even know you could turn them off to be honest

    They're nice enough, but I don't especially care

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    Takes an extra roll or two of the scroll thingy to get past them, but some are amusing. More amusing if they get changed up once in a while.

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    It doesn't really matter to me. couldn't care less.

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    I like my signature, haha. Some are stupid or annoying, but I don't pay much attention to them.

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    I usually just leave them on. If one has an image that I don't want to see again, I AdBlock it on my FireFox. But generally, I don't really mind them.

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    I have a built in Signature blocker in my mind. After hanging out on gamefaqs due to all these years. So it doesn't bug me. but I find the lack of signature disturbing. That's why I have it.

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