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Thread: Do you use cloth prefolds ?

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    Default Do you use cloth prefolds ?

    Do you fold yours ? if so What fold do you like best

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    What is a prefold before it is folded? If a diaper is folded in the forest and there's no one around to wear it, does it...I'm losing my train of thought.

    I've tried a couple basic folds with cloth diapers but I never really took to them. I prefer contoured with velcro when I'm inclined toward cloth at all, which isn't that often. Hope you get some better replies than mine.

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    I don't wear cloth that often, but when I use pre-fold diapers I fold them in thirds, (length wise,) then pull out the corners.

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    I've never used cloth diapers before. I've always wanted to, but with my parents around, it's not practical. I'm pretty sure that if it's prefolded, you don't really have a choice of fold.

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    Prefolds still require some sort of folding as they are often a square or rectangle.
    ex: hxxp://

    Contour diapers are pre-shaped so you have minimal folding if any at all.
    ex: hxxp://

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    Some simple folding helps in pinning them on. I fold them in thirds, then fold the top of the diaper back out. After lying on it I'll fold out the front part and pin the fronts to the back.

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    I fold in 3rds or roll the 2 sides near mid section and spread the ends out for pinning.I've worn cloth until they made
    adult small disposables

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    mainly depends upon the size for me. mostly, mine are rectangular hand towels and i fold them to meet in the middle and variations thereof.

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    I use the "jellyroll fold" mostly. It feels the best to me and its easy to pin (which is a big plus). You basically just sit on the back-half of a flat pre-fold and roll up the sides on the front to the middle third of the pre-fold and bring the whole thing up and pin it. There's also youtube videos, as I'm sure my description made no sense.

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    Where do most of you get the cloth for these things? I've tried using Gerber's cloth, but alas, it does not fit. Where do you get Adult sizes that do not require purchasing online?

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